Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Rambling Food Thoughts: Raw garlic, Baby kale, Eggnog tea, and Cashew milk

I should probably link up to one of those Thinking Out Loud posts sometime, but alas, it's not Thursday and so this post is just going to be a stand-alone bunch of my random thoughts, mostly about food.  Let's begin!

1.  Came across this quote in an email I received this week and LOVE it to start of the year:

For last year's words belong to last year's language
And next year's words await another voice.
And to make an end is to make a beginning.
T.S. Eliot, "Little Gidding"
2.  I forgot to mention the home remedies I implemented when I was attempting to overcome the flu over Christmas.  Before being diagnosed with the flu, and feeling like I just had a really really bad cold, I Googled something along the lines of "cold and flu home remedies"and overwhelmingly came across 2 main methods.  So for days (even after I got the diagnosis) I attempted to cure myself of influenza by chewing and eating entire RAW cloves of garlic and drinking straight apple cider vinegar cider.  Pretty sure I gave myself an ulcer and just FYI, it did not cure the flu.  HAHA.  However, the next time I feel like I'm coming down with a cold from one of the kids, I'm going to give these self torture methods another go and see if they work on colds.  Consider me your human guinea pig as I sacrifice my breath and esophageal lining for your benefit.  I'll report back.
3.  Finally took a picture of Wegmans sushi for you:
Mmmmmmmmm  The best supermarket sushi
4.  My sister made me an ENTIRE pan of vegan fudge over the holidays.  I've been slowly chipping away at it every day (I know, tough job) and it's almost done.  Whyyyyyyyyyyy?!  I keep wishing it was magic fudge that would regenerate itself every time I cut it, like a starfish, but that hasn't happened yet.  Not looking forward to the day when it's all gone.  How will I live?!
5.  I tried a salad mix with baby kale in it for the first time this week and was pleasantly surprised.  Unlike it's parents, the baby kale was delicate and mild and required no marinating before eating raw.  I do enjoy eating kale salads from time to time, but the secret there is you need to let the adult (?) kale soak in oil/vinaigrette for awhile to soften it up and make it more palatable.  So if that has turned you off in the past, see if you can find some sweet baby kale in your produce section.
6.  This tea is SO GOOD.  I don't even know what actual Eggnog tastes like (cough, cough, dairy) but this tea is scrumptious.  Get some before it's gone!
7.  While babysitting this weekend I realized the progression of songs I sing while trying to put a child to bed are directly related to how tired both the child/I am and go something like this: 
Various lullabies --> Random children's songs --> Show tunes --> Pop songs with borderline inappropriate lyrics sung like lullabies --> Repeat entire cycle!
8.  I finally found cashew milk at the store!  Verdict:  It tastes very similar to almond milk, but a bit less sweet and more nutty.  At this point, are there any nuts we can't make into milk?!  Don't answer that.  Have you tried cashew milk yet?
9.  It was 38 degrees on Sunday!! Warmest its been in days.  I took the opportunity to run outside and it felt like spring.  I kid.  But doing a couple runs a week on the treadmill is already killing me.  Perhaps I need to finally start listening to this Serial all the kids are talking about.
10.  I am looking for a spring Half, ideally in the month of April.  Right now, I'm thinking of doing a race I ran in 2012 back home - the St. Luke's Half Marathon, but am open to suggestions!  Preferably in the PA/DE/MD/DC/VA area so it wouldn't involve excessive travel.  What races are you all doing in the spring?
Anddddd, I think that's about it.  Apologies for the lack of cohesion in this post.  I've been kind of all over the place and super busy since I got back from the holidays.  I think it's setting the tone for what my 2015 is going to be like!

Tell me some randomness from your life or just what you're eating/drinking lately!



  1. I am sorry but I hated that Eggnog tea when I tried it years ago. But I won't hold that against you. I have heard people say that they ate garlic when sick, and I just think that is enough of a recipe for disaster when you are well, so....
    LMAO you have a child put to sleep song progression. Patent that, make a CD, make millions.

    1. Hahaha how could you hate this delicious eggnog tea?!?! I don't believe it. Oh well. If you are ever in the mood for a real life Fear Factor challenge, maybe you could eat a bunch of raw garlic and then chase it with this tea! I kid!

  2. That is one of my favorite quotes to greet the new year with!

    Not a fan of eggnog!

    I rely heavily on elderberry extract daily and essential oils (oregano and frankincense) when I'm sick!

    1. Well, I don't really remember what eggnog tastes like, since I only had it many many years ago as a kid. But I do like this tea!
      I've been hearing about essential oils lately and wondered how to use them. Do you smell them, or rub them on your body? Or do you actually ingest them? Are these ignorant questions!?

  3. I can't believe you're just now getting cashew milk! We've had it for months and we're usually the LAST people to get a new healthy option!

    1. Yes, I've been waiting for it for months! Baltimore was def slacking. Time for me to move South!

  4. I've never had cashew milk, will have to give it a try!

    1. Yes definitely try it out! I'm guessing it's definitely made an appearance in SF since you guys are usually on top of healthy eating trends!

  5. I vote st luke's half!!! Then i can bring the hubby and our THREE kids to see you!!

    1. Sounds good! I always seem to run faster when my fam and friends are there to cheer me on!