Monday, August 19, 2013

My Georgia Trip from A to Z (Well, mostly...)

I'm baaaaaaack!  My two weeks down South sure went by in a jiffy, but it also feels like forever since I've blogged.  I was going to try to post a few times down there, and also keep up to date on reading my favorite blogs, but the reality of what a day with two kids under the age of 3 entails hit hard!  After putting them to bed and getting our workout in, we only had an hour or two a night to ourselves.  I don't know how my sister does it alone every day!  Just another piece of evidence supporting the statement that Moms really are Superheroes :)

Enjoy the recap of my trip below in keywords and pictures:

A - ATLANTA!  My destination.  The New York of the South.  The Big Peach.  Hotlanta.  The ATL.  Ok I'll stop.

B - BLUEBERRY PICKING.  We did this twice while I was there.  My niece loved it and so did we.  There is nothing more delicious than fresh produce you pick yourself.  We had pounds of fresh blueberries to eat all week and even made some blueberry muffins.  YUM!

C - COLD.  I came down with my very FIRST cold of 2013 on this trip.  Knock on wood, I rarely get sick, however never underestimate the germ-carrying power of small children and the places they frequent. 

D - DRINKS!  We went out to the movies one night, and to my surprise there was a BAR in the movie theater!  What a great idea.  Not sure if they serve alcohol in the theaters where you're from, but they don't around here.  Aside - We saw "We're the Millers" and it was unexpectedly hilarious.  Could've also been the alcohol I was drinking but I recommend checking it out :)

F - FITNESS CHALLENGE.  I kept up with my Push up challenge on the trip, although I will admit with all the activity going on during the day, there were a few days I forgot to do my push ups, which meant the following day I had to double up.  Yep, days of 120 push ups have already happened.  I am liking this challenge though because it's getting me to focus on my arms.  I do standard (not knee) push ups and can usually do 40-50 without a break.  Then I'll rest for 30 seconds and finish up.

H - HUMOR.  This sign seen outside a bar...

L - LACTATION MUFFINS.  No I'm not lactating, but that doesn't mean I didn't enjoy plenty of these delicious concoctions made by my sister the past two weeks!  They contain ingredients like flax seed and brewer's yeast which apparently are good for nursing mothers.  And me.  (If anyone is interested, I can get the recipe from her.  They are seriously good.)

M - MOMMY'S NIGHT OUT.  Apparently goes like this...

N - NIECE and NEPHEW.  Behold the cuteness.  I can only hope my future children are half as good looking as these two.

P - PAINTING NAILS.  My niece is only 3 and is already obsessed with having her nails painted.  She asked us to do it nearly every day, and she wanted every nail painted a different color! Hahaha.  I decided this was awesome and did the same...

S - SKY ZONE - A giant indoor trampoline center that I took my niece to.  They also apparently have adult fitness classes (on trampolines!) and recreational dodgeball leagues.  So much fun.  Will be requesting my next date take me here.

T - TWINS!  My sister and I get asked constantly if we are twins.  Sometimes we say yes, sometimes we tell the truth! Haha (We're actually a year apart.)  On my last day there we were out eating lunch and the counter person asked which of us is the better fighter?! What?

V - VODKA.  We went out in The Highlands one night (my first time in this neighborhood) and happened upon a bar that made their own house-infused flavored vodka.  I ordered orange-pineapple-vanilla bean, and it was delicious!

W - WALKING.  This was my workout most days.  Truly, I had wanted to do more low impact activities like swimming, HIIT or core work, to give my legs and their accompanying tendon/muscle issues more rest time, but this was great sister time.  My sister goes on a nightly walk after she puts the kids to bed most evenings and this is something we did together.  We walked a 5K nearly every night I was there.  However, my legs seem to be bothering me more.  My 8 weeks of training for the Runner's World Half will begin this week, so all I can do is start up and see how they do :/

Y - YUM!  My sister and I went out for a sushi date one night and tried someplace she had never been before.  This place had some of the best, freshest, sushi I've had in a long time.  It was also really cute and the owners were very sweet and attentive.  If you live in the Smyrna, GA area, I'd definitely recommend it - Village Sushi and Gourmet. 

Z - ZAC BROWN BAND!  Great concert.  Kind of weird seeing a summer concert indoors (Georgia Dome) but it didn't take away from the music - I've wanted to see this band live for years and my dreams finally came true. 

Ok I skipped a few letters here and there, but this gives a good picture of how I spent my time down in Dixieland.  Just wish my sister lived closer so I could spend more time with her on the regular.

Questions for you today:

Where was your most recent trip?

Does your family/siblings live nearby or far away?

Have you picked any fresh produce this summer?


  1. Sounds like you had a great time!

    My family and I visited extended family and friends in Ohio/Indiana and visits like that always go so fast. Somewhat amazingly, I was able to stay on track with running. I ran on some cool trails I hadn't run on before and I ran in the second annual half marathon that I accidentally helped found.

    Good times, but it went by way too fast!

    1. Hi P.J.
      I'd love to hear the story behind the half marathon you founded! That sounds interesting! I agree - family visits always go by too fast.

    2. here is the story of the Happy Half Marathon. Since I live in the greater DC area and am not in Ohio as much anymore, I don't have much to do with it, but I did map out what turned out to be the course and participated in some "wouldn't it be neat if..." conversations!

    3. Thanks for sharing! How incredible that you and your family started the first-ever half marathon in your town and are also doing it for a great cause!

  2. Love the idea of this post with the A-Z and LOVE that you're back!

    1. Aww thanks Cori! That's so sweet :)

  3. Love reading all your blog posts and especially this one!! Great trip with you down here, we miss you!!! Maybe Atlanta is the destination you've been longing to move to...great weather here!! Glad you enjoyed our walks as much as I did, hopefully your legs will be OK through your training.

  4. Yay! You figured out how to comment!! Always enjoy my trips to Atlanta. Miss you guys already too.