Monday, September 29, 2014

Sweet Georgia Peaches

Hey y'all!  I'm back after spending a week down south visiting my sister and her family and meeting my newest niece:

2 weeks old!
If you are anything like me and think there is nothing sweeter in this world than teeny tiny baby faces & hands & toes, then please accept these photos as my gifts to you:


My sister was 2 weeks post-partum when I arrived so she was still dealing with a fair amount of pain (from the C-section) as well as sleep deprivation!  So it was my job while I was there to step in and do as many of her duties as I could.  Mostly this meant taking care of my 1 and 4 year old nephew and niece, but I also tried to help out around the house too. 

Remember when I asked you all for easy recipes?  Well, by the grace of God and all of my sister's incredible friends we had meals to eat almost every night!  My sister has a network of mom friends and so many of them brought over cooked dinners while I was there.  Guaranteed I ate far better last week than I normally do at home.  I actually only cooked one night and I made tacos.  I know, I'm a real Betty Crocker.  But the kids and adults alike ate them and no one got food poisoning so that's a WIN!

I did a lot of running around for my sister since she couldn't really leave the house yet.  I think I went to the grocery store 3 times that week and to Target twice?!  [This is apparently standard for a family of 5?!]

Random grocery store finds:

The best vegan gelato I've ever had.  I wish I could find this up North.
I obvs did not buy these but came across them while shopping and wondered if anyone has ever seen these?!

Let me just tell you it is a far different experience grocery shopping with toddlers than when you go alone! Hahaha I'm sure all the moms out there can verify this but I sure do take for granted how easy it is to run errands by myself.  I dk how my sister gets anything done in a timely fashion.  My 23 month old nephew is obsessed with vacuums so every time we went to Target we had to visit the vacuum display so that he could try out at least 10 different vacuums (which we had no intention of buying).  20 minute derailment right there.  Good times.

What else did we do?  Hmmm, I took the kids back and forth to school every day.  I took them both for haircuts one day which was incredibly cute, and of course I forgot my phone that day.  So unfortunately I wasn't able to capture that priceless moment for each of them, but let me assure you they both looked ADORABLE sitting in the big chair draped with a cape. 

It was also still fairly warm down there so we went to the pool and naturally took a selfie:

I took the kids for ice cream one day after school.  It should be noted there is a vast difference in terms of neatness in how a 23 month old and a 4 year old eat soft serve ice cream:

She remained this tidy throughout the entire process :)

This was about 1 second in.  He was completely covered approx. 2 mins after this

I also took my niece to t-ball one morning:
Tiny body x huge helmet = cuteness x1000
I got called by my sister's name at least 15-20 times last week.  I kind of just lost count.  When I was out at Kroger or Target I heard random people shouting "Lisa" at me, so now I pretty much just answer to my sister's name when I'm in ATL.  They all told me I looked wonderful for just having had a baby 2 weeks ago.  Yep, thanks!!!
In between all this madness, I managed to fit in just 2 runs late-night.  I went out around 9pm after the kids were in bed and ran 4 miles one night and 5mi another.  I now pretty much know my sister's new neighborhood like the back of my hand, even in the pitch dark.
In an unfortunate turn of events, I came down with a cold that I contracted from my NannyKid just 2 days after I arrived in Georgia so for the rest of the week, I had to keep my distance from the new baby.  I was so terrified of giving her the cold, but so far she has been ok. 

Last week was such a whirlwind, and as if I didn't already realize moms are pretty much superheroes this week of nonstop action pretty much sealed the deal for me.

With the addition of the newest baby, I now am an Aunt to FOUR nieces and nephews.  How did I get this lucky?!

Hope you all had a great week!  I'm off to tend to my other babies now :)


  1. The is nothing cuter in this world that kids in hilariously sized clothing. Maybe that behbeh. Ermigerd adorable.
    Not so adorable? Bacon Ritz. That is just weird. I like bacon, and I think that is weird. Blarg.

    1. Hahaha agreed! Tiny people in huge clothing are a WIN! Yeah, no go on the bacon Ritz. I wanted to barf :(

  2. Oh my gosh, what cute kiddos! Your sister is so lucky to have such a great network of mom friends. And a great sister for helping her out! I can't believe you took the kids for haircuts... that spells disaster around this house!

    1. Aww thanks Kimberly! The kids were SO good for their haircuts. I bet they just thought it was fun that their Aunt was taking them. Maybe they would've given my sister a harder time?!

  3. Is there ANYTHING that people won't put bacon on/in? GROSS!

    Cute baby. :) You know... if babies are your thing. LOL

    You've mentioned vegan desserts and ice cream a couple of times... do you eat a plant-based diet, or are you just not against it? :)

    1. Apparently bacon is the universal food donor (just like type O blood)!
      Yeah she's a pretty cute little baby!
      Ahh, the meat issue. No I'm not vegan/vegetarian just lactose intolerant. I don't do dairy so that's why I eat a lot of vegan desserts/dishes. I love meat but the ethical side of it really weighs on me. I've tried going meatless a couple times in the past, and always got sick. Sooo, it's kind of an internal mental battle for me.

  4. Great visit!!! Thanks again for all your help! Now it's back to reality for me, not sure how I'm going to do it all with 3 kids!

    1. You are supermom! You have proven to be fantastic in the past so there's no stopping you now :)

  5. Awwwww. So many cute little faces. What a wonderful trip! (Minus the cold. Boo on that.) Your sister is awfully lucky to have you!

    1. Awww thank you! I do love them and think they're just the bees knees but I guess we Aunts often think that of our nieces and nephews huh?!

  6. I ate the bacon ritz at work the other night. They just taste smoked and actually are pretty good, not nasty like they sound! So funny that you posted about it today. Glad it was a great trip and hope your sis is doing well!!