Monday, October 6, 2014

Things I Did & Didn't Do This Weekend

DIDN'T...set an alarm either day.
DID...sleep in past nine both Saturday and Sunday.  It had been weeks since I'd done that.  Between getting up with the kids at my sister's the week before and then coming back and working Sunday through Friday this week, I was literally counting down the hours on Friday to when I could get in my bed and sleep with no agenda or wake-up call the next morning.  Heaven!
DIDN'T...drink any alcohol this weekend.  Or go 'out' for that matter.  I haven't been feeling 'drinky' lately.  Rolling with it.
DID... a lot of thinking about this book that I just finished reading last week:
DIDN'T...clean or vacuum my apartment.  This prob should have been a DID but Oh well.
DID...stop by a new-to-me vegan café - Sprout - for a green smoothie and it was yummy. 
DIDN' out Saturday. Friday and Sunday.
DIDN'T...get out my Fall clothes yet or switch around my closet. Still wearing flip flops and t-shirts over here.  This is going to need to happen soon.
DID...finally watch The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and loved it.  The scenery was amazing.  I now want to go to Iceland.  Plus, I always enjoy the sweet vulnerability, humor and giant ears of Mr. Stiller.
DIDN'T...enjoy the colder weather yesterday.  Not one bit.  I have 0 use for cold weather.  I'm in Fall denial.  **See state of my closet above.
DID...get a random text from someone who saw me on a Veep rerun this weekend!  Remember that time I was an extra on the show last year?!
DIDN'T...get my hair cut.  I was hoping to make an appointment to do this since it's been over two years since my last one but it didn't happen.
DID...however receive compliments on said hair from 3 separate random strangers while I was out and about this weekend so I guess that means it can't be THAT bad?!
DIDN' enough vegetables.  I am craving a giant salad and have no spinach or greens in my house.
DID...get a wax.  TMI?!!  Oh well.  I like a good bikini wax.  And now you know.  You're welcome.
DIDN'T...plan out the rest of my life, but
DID...update my resume!  It's been a year since I've taken that thing to task and though it was annoying, it's done.  Oh how I love reducing my life's work to one sheet of paper. 
So tell me, what DID or DIDN'T you do this weekend?!


  1. I love this! I wish I could say that I DID sleep til 9 Sat and Sun but unfortunately my kiddo has an internal alarm clock that wakes him up at 6 AM!

    1. Awww, why are kids always early risers?! No need for a rooster when you have little ones around! haha Sorry you didn't get to sleep in

  2. Love this post idea. I go weekends without cleaning sometimes and usually regret it by the time Friday comes.

    1. Thanks Amy! Yeah, I definitely had to catch up later in the week! With 2 cats, I can't really let the vacuuming go that long!

  3. HAHAHA no use for cold weather. ME EITHER. Cold weather can suck it. I don't mind it being cool, but cold NO THANK YOU. DID run a marathon DIDN"T keep up with anything while I was gone :D

    1. Yes you certainly did run the HECK out of that marathon!! YAY!!!!!!!

  4. I didn't sleep in, but I did grab a quick nap on Saturday! I did indulge in cupcakes, and I did NOT work out. :-o They were worth it, though. :-)

    1. Oh how I love a good nap. The best naps are completely unexpected and unplanned, you just fall into them :) And yay for cupcakes too!