Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Books, Water weight, and Tinder gems

This weekend post is a day late, and I blame it completely on this:

I picked up this book at the library Saturday afternoon, and there went my weekend.  Glued to the pages.  I couldn't stop reading, even though I wanted to, because I knew if I didn't the story would end.  This is a book of fiction, set in WWII Europe, but it felt very real and honestly could have been the story of any number of millions of European children during the war.  The book alternates between the story of Werner, a young German orphan, whose eagerness to escape the mines ends up landing him a spot in Hitler's Third Reich army, and Marie-Laure, a young blind French girl who is displaced from her hometown of Paris due to the German occupation.  Their paths end up fatefully crossing, and that's all I'm gonna say.  [As I was reading, I was imagining some of the places Cely had visited on her recent trip to Europe.  Her photos and writings from that trip were all beautiful.]

So, other than spending two entire days reading that novel did I accomplish anything else useful?

On Friday, I went to the gym after work to do a quick run on the treadmill.  Seeing as I don't own a scale, I rarely weigh myself, but I decided to step on the digital scale in the locker room just for kicks.  Fun right?!  Then, I got on the treadmill and did a quick 3 miles.  I decided to weigh myself again post-run just to see if there was any difference, and I was a full POUND lighter, down to the tenth.  I sweated a fair amount and really didn't drink anything while running but it still surprised me.  I kind of wish I did have a scale because I'd be really interested to see how much water weight I lose on an outdoor run in the summer.  I'm guessing it's got to be at least 2-4 pounds?  Does anyone do this regularly to track their water intake?  I know I definitely don't drink enough water most days, but this inspired me to do so, seeing just how much I lost in 30 mins!

After the gym, I stopped by Wegmans and picked up 2 delicious packages of sushi.  No pic, because I ate it too fast.  Wegmans wins hands down for best supermarket sushi.  I'm leery of eating the sushi at most other grocery stores, but Wegmans never fails. I also picked up a new holiday tea while I was there:

It's yummy.  It's herbal and caffeine free so you can drink it late at night when you're up reading until 2am.  It's very sweet as is because of the caramel flavor and spices, so you really don't need any sugar or sweetener.  Trust me, I added honey like I usually do, and it was overly sweet.

After picking up several new library books on Saturday I had some errands to run.  My book high quickly wore off the second I stepped inside a store and saw holiday decorations everywhere and heard Christmas music playing through store's loudspeakers!?  So I guess we're here already.

Sunday I spent most of the morning lazily lying on my couch, watching a whole bunch of people run some little race in NYC.  The splits the elite men and women were running in the final miles of the marathon were literally blowing my mind.  5 min miles at mile 24?!  I can't even wrap my mind around that.

I had to work Sunday night until after 9pm, but I managed to finish the book by staying up until 1:30am after I got home.  Worth the raccoon eyes the next day. 

Oh, and I thought I'd end this post on a Tinder update.  Yes, I'm still on Tinder but rarely do anything with it anymore, except look at the ridiculous photo "moments" some of these cheesers post.  Like this one:

I mean WHO are these people posting screenshots of their bank accounts to attract women?!?! I just apparently don't understand the courting rituals of humans anymore.  This is why I've been on a total of TWO Tinder dates since I started that debacle back in the summer.  Overabundance of quality here, that's why.

Andddddddddd, that's about all I have.

Happy Monday a day late, which simply means it's Tuesday.

Favorite books this year?

Do you trust supermarket sushi?

Ever measured the water weight you lose on a run?

Do you want to take over my Tinder account?!


  1. That Tinder pic is hilarious! I never have been on the site before. When I was single, everyone was on Match or Plenty of Fish. Both had guys that were so cheesy too! I always love a great book recc so I'll have to check this one out!
    Karen @ Book Delight

    1. Tinder is a real trip! I was on POF for a brief stint and some of those were even WORSE, if that's possible!

  2. Good supermarket sushi. Almost an oxymoron, but lucky you that you found it! And I weight myself in the early am, and find I lost 2 lbs overnight. But then again, you wake dehydrated so that makes perfect sense.


    1. I pretty much trust everything at Wegmans! It's a great market.
      And I never even thought to check the weight difference between bedtime and waking up! That would be interesting to see.

  3. Oh my goodness, what a catch. Tinder is almost as great as I am at being sarcastic.

    Great book, right?! Loved it x100.

    1. Yeah I should've messaged him and asked him to fly me to the Caribbean for dinner with that giant commission check! hahaha

  4. I am so going to look into that book. One of my fave holiday time teas is Republic of Tea's Apple Cider Tea (it's herbal, too). It smells amazing without being too sweet.
    Those boys on Tinder are lucky I'm not still looking. I would be merciless. And terrifying...

    1. Yes, yes. I think you will get just as lost in it as I was.
      I don't know that I ever bought any Republic of Tea teas?! I'll look for them.
      I'll just give you my Tinder login info and you can spread your merciless snark around to all the boys :)

  5. oh goodness, i'm on tinder, too. my friend and i use it to send each other ridiculous screen shots of the men. it's just funny.

    1. Fellow Tinder victims unite! I really think it's time I delete the app because so far no good has come from it!