Friday, March 27, 2015

This OR That: Fitness Friday Edition!

It's Friday!  Raise 'em up.  Even though this week was a bit shorter for me, it was somehow still hectic.  In fact, the last couple of weeks have been kind of crazy, despite having my birthday festivities thrown in there.  My thoughts, plans, desires and musings have been all over the place.  I've been in my own head a lot, which is never a good thing (right Suze?!).  So let's lighten the mood and kick the weekend off with a game, shall we?  Play along!

This or That: Fitness Edition

1.  Sprint OR Long Distance Running?
Long distance all the way.  I never was much of a wham, bam, thank you ma'am kinda girl.  I prefer to take it nice and slow and enjoy the ride.  But seriously, as with most things in my life, it takes me a little while to warm up, but after that I'm usually in it for the long haul.  I think the only time I enjoy sprinting is when I'm running away from a bad date.  I kid.

2.  Cardio OR Strength Training?
Cardio.  It's not that I don't like strength training, because I do love the definition, results and power it brings, but I pretty much live for the high you can only get from running.

3.  Push-ups OR Burpees?
I'm old school so I'm going with push-ups.  I can pump out a lot more of them than burpees too!

4.  Crunches OR Planks?
Both have their advantages, but again I'm retro and was working out for at least 2 decades before planks were even a thing, so I'm going with crunches.  There are so many variations and you can add things like weights, exercise balls and more into the mix to make them more challenging and up the resistance.

5.  Treadmill OR Outdoors Running?
Is this even a question?!  Would anyone willingly choose treadmill?  I love being outdoors and that is probably at least 1/3 of the reason I am so drawn to running.  (Other 2/3 are probably the shoes and the food Hahaha)

6.  Sport to play:  Baseball OR Soccer?
Well considering I played both of these and pretty much stunk at both, this is a tough one.  Let's go with baseball/softball since I honestly could not master running and kicking a ball at the same time.  If that was part of a DUI test I'd fail even when sober.

7.  Sport to watch:  Football OR Basketball?
I don't really watch any professional sports regularly.  I guess if I had to pick I'd say football because I've been watching and/or attending Penn State games since I was little.

8.  Race/Long run Fuel:  Gels/GU OR Candy/Real food?
Gels.  I've always tolerated them well and I really don't ever feel like chewing or eating food while running.  After running is a different story, but I like just sucking down some liquid sugar.  I'm not sure real food would settle properly during a run.

9.  Water OR Gatorade?
I prefer Gatorade.  I don't think Gatorade is necessary on shorter runs/workouts, but for long runs, races and more intense workouts, I always drink it.  Plus I like how it tastes!

10.  Workout out alone OR With a group?
Mostly alone.  I focus and work harder when I'm alone than if I'm working out with friends.  I tend to goof off or take it easy if there's someone there to chat and hang out with.

11.  Running: With OR Without Music?
Training runs, mostly with music.  Racing, no music ever.  When I'm running alone I usually run with music because I like to zone out.  During a race, I like to pay more attention to what I'm doing so I never use it.

12.  Certification:  Personal Trainer OR Group Fitness Instructor?
This is something I've been contemplating forever.  I prefer one-on-one settings in most situations (that's why I disliked teaching but love nannying!) so I'd choose to go for PT certification.  But, what I really want to do is become a running coach.  I've tried to get into the RRCA Certification Courses several times, but they get sold out instantly.  In fact, I just got an email from them yesterday with a course offering in Baltimore in June and by the time I logged onto the site, it was already sold out?!  If anyone wants to give up their seat, I'll take it!

13.  New workout clothes OR New jeans?
Running clothes for sure.  My goal in life is to have a job that allows me to wear workout clothes All. The. Time.  I'm kind of already doing that with nannying so my next job has got a lot to live up to!

14.  New sneakers OR boots?
Not even a question.  I pretty much wear sneakers 24/7.  Running shoes, casual sneakers, cross training shoes.  I live in them.  If I could get a job testing and designing sneakers I'd be in heaven.

And now for a completely unrelated one:

15.  24 Hours of Daylight OR 24 Hours of Darkness?
I don't think I could ever live in Alaska for this very reason, but I'd take 24 hours of daylight for the rest of my life.  You can always block out the sun in your home but there's no substitute for the warm sweet feel of it on your face.  This also confirms I could never be a vampire, even for true love.  Sorry Edward.  My fantasies of relocating south are obviously still going strong. 

I hope you have a great weekend!  For everyone who has been experiencing murkiness and general feelings of uneasiness lately, I hope the tide turns soon.  If you have any doubt this weekend is going to be great, let me just remind you that the season premiere of Call the Midwife is happening Sunday!!!  Ahhhhhhhh, I can't wait.

Your turn!  Pick any of the questions and tell me what you'd choose!


  1. CALL THE MIDWIFE. YESSSSSS. All the other questions I was going to answer just got eclipsed by that. But in the interest of being sporting, long distance, cardio, pushups, planks, depends on the weather and distance, play soccer, watch football (on TV) basketball (in person) but ice hockey (FIGHT!) Have a great weekend!

    1. Haha Clearly Call the Midwife takes precedence! It delivered tonight. I was in seriously withdrawal. Oh you threw in a little twist with ice hockey there! I've never seen a live game and never watched it on TV. Is that weird? Am I missing out on something?!!?

  2. Whenever I see the word Burpee written out, I first think of the seeds for gardening, then, well, burps. Any idea who came up with that name?

    1. Hahaha, yes I always think of those 2 things with Burpee too! I actually have no idea who or how they came up with that name. Off to Google I go!

  3. I'm not allowed to run anymore, but when I did I always preferred outside to the treadmill! I prefer crunches, too! And I deff prefer group fitness over a personal trainer!

    1. Yes, outside for sure. Treadmill running makes me feel like a hamster on a wheel! A fellow crunch lover, I love it!

  4. Running clothes alllll the time. It's so funny because I refuse to spend more than like $10 on a shirt for work, but I'm more than happy to drop $50 on a tank top from lululemon. Clearly I don't have my priorities in order... And I'm with you on the daylight thing. My mood is DRASTICALLY better in the spring/summer/early fall than it is in the winter. I just can't deal with cold, darkness. I'd rather be outside 24 hours a day.

    1. Hahaha, that's how I was when I worked in an office too. I felt like I was wasting my money when I bought work clothes! Yep, I am a sunshine girl all the way. I honestly don't know how people make it through months of darkness. That would be absolute torture.

  5. I am totally a PLANKS girl, and I cannot work out with music - but I LOVE lifting weights with music!

    1. You cannot workout with music?! Whyyyyyyyyyy Please elaborate. I'm so curious!