Friday, July 31, 2015

Let's Talk About Protection...

...from the SUN, people!  I don't know WHAT you were thinking.

Confession:  I am not a regular sunscreen-wearer.  I grew up in the 80's when sunscreen was not a 'thing'.  In fact, I remember calling it 'suntan lotion' when/if we did apply it back then!  But even now, 30 years later with everything we know about skin cancer and how important it is to protect against the sun, I rarely wear it.  In fact, I only lather up when I'm on vacation at the beach, or at the pool for the day.  I don't wear sunscreen on my face or body daily or year round.  I know.  I KNOW.

If the threat of skin cancer isn't enough to scare you (me!) into becoming a more regular sunscreen wearer, there are the more 'cosmetic' concerns of sun exposure like: skin aging, wrinkles and age-related sun spots.  I know I'm lucky that I don't burn easily and that I still look (fairly) young, but as a sun lover, I know I can't beat the odds forever! [However, last night at the Home Depot, a sales associate told me I "couldn't be more than 22 or 23 years old".  OH BLESS YOUR HEART SIR.  Yes, I am 22.  Or 36.  CLOSE ENOUGH.]

So, when Block Island Organics contacted me and asked if I'd like to sample their organic, toxin-free natural sunscreen I took it as a sign! 

One of the reasons I don't wear many products on a daily basis (ie, lotion, makeup, etc) is because I don't want unnecessary chemicals sitting on my skin, seeping into my pores!  In fact, I used to use the cheapest drugstore body lotion I could find until I realized it contained parabens.  NOPE.  I am now more conscious of the ingredients in the products I use.

One of the things I liked about this sunscreen, prior to using it, was that it was natural and organic (zinc oxide is the active ingredient).  No parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals, phthalates, dyes or artificial fragrances.  Also, they don't do animal testing and it's VEGAN!  Another thing I liked is that Block Island is a small New England company, owned by a 3 person family team.  They started their skincare line because they wanted to develop a safe, effective product.  I love supporting small independent businesses.

I've used the sunscreen several times now, and here are my thoughts.  The consistency is a bit thinner than other traditional sunscreens I've used, and the feel is lightweight and non-greasy.  This makes it great for wearing all day because it does not feel sticky or incredibly gross like most beach sunscreens do. (When all you want to do is shower it off immediately upon coming home.)

There is one caveat that I must reveal to you here.  This sunscreen is not waterproof.  How do I know this?  Well, the back of the bottle clearly states that it's non-water-resistant, however I failed to read that the first time I wore it.  Which was at the pool:

Hahaha Huge fail on my part!  I went to the pool with my sister, her husband and kids, and my brother-in-law started cracking up when I jumped in, as my face started dripping white into the water! 

So although you can't wear this sunscreen while swimming, I've worn it all day long working, walking and playing outside with my charges, and going to the gym, and it held up, in 90+ degree weather.   

I've always worn sunscreen at the beach/pool so I think Block Island organics fulfills a different need for me, in that it will hopefully coerce me into wearing sun block on a more regular daily basis, (although I would love if they came up with a waterproof version in the future!).

I also think it would be a great product to use on children (except when swimming), since it's not chemical-based like most sunscreens.  In fact, most of the children I care for do use natural (zinc-based) sunscreens on a daily basis. 

Overall, I feel good about the product and supporting a small eco-conscious company.  If you're interested in learning more about the company and its founders, or learning more about the ingredients they use and their other natural skincare products, you can check out their website here.

And, if you're interested in placing an order, they've offered a 15% discount using the code jillyc.  It's good for 15% off anything (even sale items!) from July 31-August 9.

Have a great weekend everyone!

*Disclosure: I was provided a free product to sample, but was not compensated otherwise.  The opinions contained in this review are all mine!

Do you wear sunscreen on a daily basis?

Do you pay attention to the ingredients in your skin care?


  1. I liked that this sunscreen was chemical-free today but like you, I'm not great about wearing sunscreen. I should be given my days as a lifeguard, but I hate the feeling of ANYTHING on my skin. I never wear lotion etc. I really like that this is a local company from an island I spent a lot of time on growing up. Local=better! When I'm in block island in a few weeks, I might scope them out :)

    1. Yes same here. I've never been good about it. It was not something I did growing up and I don't wear makeup or anything that contains SPF so I just don't think about it. And yes I HATE feeling stuff on my body/skin!
      The co-owner who I was speaking with from the company was so nice! I love supporting small businesses with heartfelt missions like theirs!

  2. I totally need this sunscreen! I've been having such a hard time finding natural sunscreens that actually work.

    1. Yes, give it a try! It is not heavy at all!

  3. Admittedly my obsessive sunscreen use comes from a fear of aging. Also, I come from an ethnic group that values light skin, so staying out of the sun was always ingrained me. As a teen when all my friends wanted to lay out and tan, I'd insist on sitting by myself in the shade.

    It's paid off now that I'm 32 and relatively wrinkle-free (knock on wood). :) I wear sunscreen everyday, my moisturizer has SPF 35 in it - Origins brand. For the body, I use brands for babies or kids, they're usually gentler!

  4. Ah Sabrina you're so much smarter than I! I hate to admit that in high school I briefly went thru an indoor tanning phase! Cringe. Back then I don't think we realized just how terrible it was. I def need to start wearing it AT LEAST on my face!