Thursday, October 29, 2015

It's My New Favorite Holiday!

Never heard of this holiday?  Me either, until just a few days ago.  And I LOVE it!  You can read more about why the holiday was founded here.  The holiday is a way to bring awareness to a great cause, ie. encouraging people to adopt shelter cats, millions of whom will be euthanized each year. 
I couldn't imagine my life without my cats, who I adopted from a shelter 11 (yes ELEVEN!) years ago when I moved to Baltimore.  I knew nothing about cats and didn't think I was a 'cat person', but at the persuasion of one of my very best friends, dove in headfirst and adopted not one, but TWO, kittens!  What can I say, I like to go all in.  I treat my boys like the VIPs they are every day, but I will be sure to give them some extra treats and snuggles tonight for being the loving little souls they are.


We like retro electronics around here

Sneaker fanatic just like his mom

We all drink green smoothies in this house

I've also written them this lovely poem:
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I just stepped in your vomit,
But I still love you!
I'm not a historian, but I know many creative, intelligent writers, inventors, and history-makers were cat people, so I think we owe some gratitude to their species.  And also, where would our society be today without the constant influx of funny cat videos and memes?  Internet cat videos are universal and bring people from all over the world together!  Therefore, More Cats = World Peace!
So what are you waiting for?  Go hug your cat.  If you don't have a cat, go hug your friend's cat.  If you have no friends that have a cat, I think it's time someone in your social circle GOT A CAT.  And that's my PSA for today.  Cats want only to sit on your lap, sleep on your head, be fed and loved.  There's really no purer motives than those.  I hope you all get to experience the love of at least one cat in your lifetime.
I'm linking up with MamaKat today for her Writing Workshop.  Today's prompt:
October 29th is National Cat Day.  Write a poem about your cat.

Do you have a cat?
Know anyone who has a cat?
Enjoy funny internet cats on a daily/weekly basis?
If you answered No to Questions 1 and 2 but Yes to number 3, I think it's time you got yourself a cat :)


  1. Cats rock. Just ask Zoe. I can't wait to see her today!

  2. HAHAH! Step in your vomit.
    I'm not a cat person and I can say that we never will be a cat household. My husband is horribly allergic to them. His entire face swells up when he's around them and he's the biggest man baby on the planet.
    And my dog kind of wants to eat them.
    They are pretty though :)

  3. LOVE my kitty and cat day. Yours are adorable!

  4. I enjoyed your post. Made me miss having a pet. I like cats (and dogs), but we are empty-nesters, no kids and no pets living in our house now. Sad, huh?

  5. Haha, yaaaas! I'm such a cat lover and every cat video and meme is cryptonite. So great.

  6. Let's get real - EVERYDAY is National Cat Day in my house. I'm just my kitty's butler.

  7. Love cats. Don't have any anymore though. When we get are own house i think I may see about getting a cat. There so cute and cuddly. I used to have a cat that would cuddle by my feet. It was cute. Hope you have a good day.

  8. Yup, I love my cat. But I'm not a great poet like you, so I didn't do that prompt. he-he.

  9. I laughed and laughed at your poem! Thanks for the smiles. And so happy you were able to rescue some wonderful felines. Coming at ya from Mama's Losin' It!

  10. Love your poem...I could have written it myself this morning :)

  11. More Cats DEFINITELY equals world peace! I have two and they're very old and if they die I will die. Or I will replace them with more cats. One or the other!