Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday Faves - Running Edition

So today I'd like to share some of my favorite things - raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens - no, no, not those favorite things, although The Sound of Music is one of my favorite movies.  Today let's stick to running.

1.  What is the only real piece of "equipment" any runner needs?  Feet?  Well...yes, I suppose that's it.

But also, SHOES!  I've worn Nike since I ran track in high school. Back then I ran in Nike Pegasus, which is a bit less cushioned than the shoe I'm in now, but I wasn't putting in as many miles.  I've tried other brands, but they never feel like they fit my feet as well.  I've even bought a few other brands from my local running store over the past few years, only to return them a week or two later because of blistering, heel rubbing, etc.  So, old school I remain, but I do love my Nike Vomeros:

2.  I suffer from recurring shin splints and tibial tendinitis in my lower legs and no Doctor or Physical Therapist has yet been able to tell me why.  I've got loads of differing opinions from: too much mileage (not the case), heel striking (jury's still out), my bow legs (who knows?!), running strictly on roads/paved surfaces (probably correct).  In any case, there are two products that have saved me from these ailments taking over my life and really kept both at bay.

One of these is compression sleeves or socks.  I wear both but tend to like the convenience of the socks better because it combines two products in one.  For the socks, I love Pro Compression marathon socks.  I have 3 pair already.  Since I only run outdoors on hard surfaces (there are no trails/dirt paths near me), I wear them on every run, and since I've been doing this, my shin splints are pretty non existent. 

I also have a pair of calf sleeves from CEP which I also really like.  The compression on these is a little tighter than my Pro Compression socks, which I like.

In addition to these products, I discovered something AMAZING about a year ago - these beauties are compression sleeves with BUILT IN ICE PACKS! I kid you not.  I found them on Amazon - link here - and I think they are one of the best inventions ever.  I am really sorry I did not come up with this idea because it's golden.  I used to have to sit motionless on the couch with an ice pack on each leg, constantly moving them up and down my shins.  No more, now I can walk around, chase the cats, go on a date (I kid), and all the while any inflammation in my legs is being zapped away into oblivion.  If you can't tell, I highly recommend these!

3.  Now onto Nutrition.  As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, I can't tolerate any dairy.  This actually makes it tough when it comes to sport nutrition bars, shakes and supplements because many of them are whey or milk based.  I enjoy protein shakes after my runs because I feel like they kill two birds with one stone - thirst and hunger.  I also seem to struggle with incorporating enough protein into my diet because I'm not the best cook.  I do eat meat but I don't have a grill which makes preparing meat a bit more difficult.  So, I have tried a variety of vegan and plant based proteins and my favorite is Plant Fusion.  One scoop in a Blender Bottle filled with almond milk is all you need and you get 21 grams of protein!  How easy is that?  My favorite flavor so far is Cookies and Cream.  It's not too sweet but in my opinion it's delicious.  I like that this protein powder is plant based and not soy based.  For many years I drank soy milk and ate soy products, but I've started to steer clear of them.  I just don't think they are the best for my body.


There are so many more running products I love but I guess that's enough for today!  I am not sponsored by any of these companies and did not receive any money for writing these reviews, I just really love all of these things.  Probably as much as I love the Von Trapp children singing So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Adieu. 

4.  And finally, although this isn't running related at all, I can't get enough of this song lately.  I find myself singing it constantly.  I was swimming laps today and was singing this in my head for the entire hour!

Questions for today:

What are some of your favorite running products?

What's your favorite song lately?


  1. Oh I have to try some of those compression socks. I have been having shin issues lately.

  2. Hi Alicia,

    Yes, I would definitely recommend giving them a try! They have really worked wonders for me. ProCompression usually offers 40% codes every month if you search online. For June, you could get 40% off any of their neon colors using the code NEON. But I'm sure there will be a new discount for July.
    If you decide to give any sleeves or socks a try, let me know how they work out for you!


  3. i've still never tried compression socks or sleeves, I'll have to give them a try soon! My favorite running product is probably my Road ID shoe tag because I run when i travel and that way I have my emergency info with me wherever I go. Also I love my Balega socks, they're my fave.

  4. Oh I have a couple pair of Balegas and I love them as well! I've always wondered about the road ID. Most often I run alone so it would probably be a good thing to have.
    Even if you don't suffer from shin splints the compression gear is really nice for recovery too. You can wear them after a long run and they feel great!

  5. What?!?! Ice-pack compression sleeves...I need to get me some of those..STAT

  6. Yes they are incredible! One of the best inventions I've ever seen. Love love love!