Monday, June 10, 2013

Timing is Everything...

Today was a rainy dreary day here.  It was one of those days that makes you want to stay inside, curl up and read a good book all day.  Except that's not what I wanted to do today.  I really wanted to go for a run.  At one point I looked outside and saw that the rain seemed to have stopped.  The sun was even peeking out!  So I grabbed my sneakers and headed out.  And wouldn't you know, the rain held out the entire time. I was able to squeeze in 4 miles and just as I got to my front door, the first raindrops began to fall! Perfect timing, I thought. 

This got me thinking about timing in general, especially for key moments in your life.  I believe the timing really has to be right for many important things to take hold.  Whether its a relationship, a job opportunity, a move, or any number of turning points in life, I believe things come when they are supposed to and not necessarily when you want them to.  You can think of missed opportunities as failures or you can think that they didn't happen for a reason.  Sometimes, the timing is just not there.  But then there are times, like today, when the heavens open, the sky clears and its your time.  I think recognizing and jumping at those opportunities in life is often unclear or hard to do but sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith.  I've been trying to be more open to these types of opportunities in my life recently, and it's small wonders like today that make me marvel at how wonderful timing can be sometimes.

To see just how important timing is, check out the amazing video below that was shared with me via Twitter today.  The 17 year cicadas live underground for nearly their entire lives - 17 years - and emerge for just a few weeks to mate, fulfill their purpose in life, and then they are gone.  It all comes down to nature and instinct for them.  They know when they are supposed to emerge and what they are supposed to do.  If only we were all so in tune with ourselves and our true nature.  The cinematography and story told in this video is moving (whether you like bugs or not!) so I thought I'd share.  For those who don't live on the east coast, and may not be familiar with the story, the 17 year cicadas emerged up and down the east coast in states from NJ down to VA a few weeks a go.  It's really a marvel how nature works.  The natural world really does have perfect timing and a lesson I'm trying to heed in my own life is to slow down, listen and recognize the signs around me.

Return of the Cicadas from motionkicker on Vimeo.

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  1. so true - life is all about moments, and the timing that created those moments!