Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Let's play "Get to Know Your Blogger"!

I'm not sure how many people other than my friends have found and read my blog, but I thought I'd do a post with some fun, trivial facts about myself if there is anyone else out there! Ha ha.  When I read other blogs, I love to learn funny facts about the authors.  The Hungry Runner Girl always has some great ones.  (She is currently the only person I know who is not only addicted to Raisin Bran but also adds extra raisins!) 

So let's get started.  Maybe we'll all learn something today :)

(I have absolutely no idea if that's true, however, its adorable)

Random Fact #1:  Dairy and I do NOT get along.  We broke up sometime during middle school and we've never reconciled.  Which is to say, I'm super lactose intolerant and I haven't eaten any of these foods in a good 15-20 years:  Pizza, ice cream, cheese, yogurt, milk, milkshakes, GIRL SCOUT COOKIES (I know, gasp!), chocolate...  Oh the list could go on for days.  I know some people think they couldn't live without these things but it's been so long that I honestly don't remember what most of this stuff tastes like anymore! Crazy.  If I could cheat death (ok, not death, just extreme pain and discomfort) for a day, there are 2 foods I would love to taste just one more time - a Snickers bar and some bubblegum ice cream.  Apparently my dairy taste buds are still stuck back in my 10 year old body :)

Random Fact #2:  My career aspirations as a child included becoming a Catholic nun and/or an Olympic gymnast.  Not sure if those dreams were mutually exclusive, however I am currently neither!  I am however in the midst of redefining my career/life aspirations so I will let you know if anything half as good as those gems comes to the surface.

Random Fact #3:  I am a HUGE TSwift fan! I am fully aware I'm in my 30's and her lyrics are targeting a completely different demographic but I can't help it.  I've loved her from the very first time I heard her on the radio and I proudly have all of her CD's.  (Yes, fun fact 3.5, I still buy CD's.)

Random Fact #4:  I have two cats named Mikey and Sal.  Being half-Italian I like to say they are part of the Cat Mafia, but their names are actually the names of my two grandfathers (Micheal and Salvatore). 

Random Fact #5:  I have worn glasses since the FIRST grade.  Yes I am that kid.  I had the smallest head and the biggest glasses you have ever seen.  It was the 80's, but still.  I will try to find a picture of them.  Big plastic red beauties.  Thankfully I finally got contacts in high school. 

Random Fact #6:  I am in no way, shape or form an actress or model, however I have appeared in the following: A department store ad (when I was about 6), the newspaper (with my sister when we were tots), Cosmopolitan magazine (a few years ago in Dove ad), and as an extra in the HBO show Veep (a few months ago).  I didn't earn money for most of these things, however the 5 seconds of fame  basically made it all worth it!

Well I guess that's about it for the first installment.  I hope you enjoyed getting to know me and don't think I'm too weird. Ha!

I'd love to get to know you too.  If you'd like, you can share some fun facts about yourself in the comments.

Or, let me know if you liked this piece and I'll do another one sometime :)


  1. Welcome to the running/blogging community!!! I hope you are enjoying it so far!! :) It's a great community to be a part of!
    I always love reading random facts about other bloggers! :) This was a fun post!
    I'll give you 3 randoms about me too:

    1. I'm also currently redefining my professional aspirations... I'm in the stressful, "be-patient", apply-apply-apply, part of looking for a job! ;)

    2. I don't wear makeup... occasionally I will wear a little eye liner, but maybe once or twice a year

    3. In high school I made the switch to contacts too... I started out with hard contacts but because of sports i kept losing or breaking them so I finally made the switch to the soft kind by my senior year :)

    1. Hi Zaneta!
      Thanks so much for reading and commenting!
      I hope your job search is going well. It's so hard to be patient but when the right opportunity comes along it will be worth it! Thanks for sharing some fun facts about you too :). I don't wear makeup on a daily basis either!
      Thanks for introducing yourself and I look forward to following your blog!

  2. This is awesome! I love when I get to read more about and learn more about other bloggers!
    p.s. I add extra raisins too (it's a must), AND I think you're the strongest person in the world for having to avoid dairy!

  3. Thanks for reading and responding to my post - I'm glad you enjoyed it! I always like to know more about the people behind the posts. Ha, we have another raisin bran lover out there I see! The dairy thing doesn't bother me anymore because I'm so used to it, but sometimes I actually feel bad for other people when I tell them and I see their grief stricken faces of horror! I want to tell them I'm A OK.