Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Those of you that lived in the Baltimore/DC area in 2010 will probably always remember Snowmageddon, the giant snowstorm we had in February of that year.  We were snowed on for two days and got almost 3 feet of snow where I live.  The storm shattered all kinds of records and it was nearly impossible to navigate the roads for days.  It also took forever for me to uncover my car, and there were standing mountains of snow everywhere for weeks.  My Facebook news feed blew up that weekend with pictures of people traipsing all over the city by foot, exploring our city made new by snow, Day After Tomorrow style. 

The past two days here have in no way been Snowpocalyptic, but the conditions had me reminiscing about that storm.  I woke up Sunday morning to this:

I'm not the biggest fan of snow, but the scene was beautiful.  So serene.  It snowed for most of the day, and so I was pretty much forced to stay in for the day (PJ day, ok twist my arm!).  My plans for that evening got cancelled, so I took a rest day, watched Christmas movies and finished a book I had been in the middle of - A Return to Love, by Marianne Williamson (extremely thought-provoking; I may do a post on this).  However, by the end of the day, I was getting stir crazy and was looking forward to boot camp the next morning.  Well, we had sleet and freezing rain all night so my Monday morning plans got cancelled as well.  Ugh.  You see why I'm not snow's biggest fan?  I ended up doing this circuit workout twice through - top to bottom, then back up from bottom to top.
When the weather cleared up in the afternoon I headed out to do some Christmas shopping.  I hadn't even started yet so this seemed like a good enough time as any to get going!  Ummm, stores, and the humans inside them, are crazy at Christmas.  I should have known this.  I got a few things but ultimately felt defeated.  My list is long and my purchases are few.  Endurance sports, I'm good with.  Endurance shopping? Not so much. I have a feeling I will be doing most of the rest of my shopping online.  On top of that, there was more snow in the forecast last night!
Fast forward to this morning.  Snow Day #2 and I'm beginning to feel like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day.
Beautiful indeed, however all my plans for the day got cancelled once again.  Even the Federal government in DC is shut down today. wah wah  I'm beginning to see a pattern here.  And may I remind you all, it's not even Winter yet!  The season doesn't officially start until the solstice on Dec 21st which means we still have more than 3 months of this to look forward to.  If I were 12 years old again, I'd LOVE winter.  Back then I lived for snow days which meant no school and spending the entire day outside sledding and with my sisters and all the kids in the neighborhood.  These days, not so much.  I am so antsy in here!  The streets are fairly clear today though so I'm hoping evening boot camp classes will not be cancelled.  I'm also thinking that I'm going to need to invest in some kind of winter running adaptations like Yaktrax.  Does anyone use these on their running shoes?  If its going to be snowing like this all winter, I'm going to have to get out there.  Cabin fever will be the death of me. 
Here's to hoping there's no more snow in the forecast for tonight...
How's the weather where you are?
Do you like/love snow?



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