Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I'm Fit Possible Blog Swap!

Hello Friends!  Today I am participating in a blog swap with one of the fitness communities I am involved in - I'm Fit Possible.  This social network was started by a pretty cool chica named Tara Gusmanis and it's all about connecting people who want to live healthy, happy, fit lives!  You can check it out here.

So today, I'm swapping blogs with Bethany, a fellow I'm Fit Possible Ambassador who blogs at Half Marathon Mama

We decided to write about A Day in Our Life for each other's blog today.

The following recaps a day in the life of Bethany!  If you'd like to check out what I do on an average day, click on over to her blog (however, if you prefer my daily life remain shrouded in mystery, you may not want to click over because all of your wildest fantasies about my life just may be shattered!). 

I'm Bethany, I'm a 30-something, wife, mother, runner, pharmacist and
dog lover! I have 2 kids, my son (Parker) is 6 and my daughter
(Ella)will be 2 in April. I blog
Half Marathon Mama. I blog about running, and fitness. We try to follow a paleo diet, but are not die hard about it.

Jill and I decided to do "A day in the life" for the I'm fit possible blog swap.

A day in my life is never boring, but work days and off days are so
very different. I'm sure you don't want to hear about pill counting,
phone calls and grumpy customers, so we will take a peak into a day

515a - Let dog out, fall asleep on couch, let dog in. Climb back in bed
for a few more hours of sleep. I think early morning workouts are
awesome, but not for me.

740a - I'm woken up by a sweet 6 year old tapping on my shoulder. We
really need to get up for the day, but a few snuggles won't hurt
anyone. Once Ella wakes up, I turn the TV on, we like morning
cartoons. It's a treat to sleep past 7, so I really enjoyed my extra
relaxation time.

8-830a - Work hard to make a lunch, make breakfast (yogurt and bananas
were all they would eat), persuade Parker to get ready for school,
while he tells me, "Today would be a great stay home day." I remind
him that next week is spring break!

835a - Out the door! Drop Parker off at school, head to the gym! I
realized that the kids ate breakfast, but I only had a few left over
bites of banana. This happens way too often, I have a stash of Lara
bars for quick breakfasts. Most Lara Bars are paleo, but a few have
peanuts or chocolate.  I avoid the ones with peanuts, but the
Chocolate Cherry Torte is yummy!!

915a -Today I tried The Strike! Class. It is described as similar to
kickboxing, it is a hard class to describe. I was a good change for
me, and I will go back! I was pretty sweaty after class, so I showered
at the gym because I have visions of major errand running today! I got
a protein shake and Ella got chocolate milk at the LifeCafe. We are

My typical day off uniform is yoga pants!  Once it gets a little
warmer I will bring out the sun dresses.  I am not a "jeans and
t-shirt" kinda girl, I love the comfort of yoga pants!

11a - First stop, Lululemon. Ella and I wonder around, they have a good
sale section today! I try on a million things, and end up buying 3
tops and a headband.  Ella carried a sports bra around the store,
determined I was going to buy it, it was a little too big for me!!

Noon - Meet my dad for lunch at Pei Wei. Since it's Friday during lent,
I got shrimp and green beans. Soooo yummy. Ella sat on my dads lap
through lunch, and tried to eat with chopsticks.

1245p - Remember those errands? They aren't happening, it's time for
NAP! We head home, I get to deal with Bank of America, who is being
rather silly, then settle in for some relaxing while Ella sleeps. Nap
time is a great time to clean the house, or do laundry, most of the
time I rest with her!

230p - Ella wakes up and is FAMISHED.  She didn't eat much at lunch. She
is a snuggle bug after nap, so we hang out for a bit, eat some apple
sauce and cheese and talk.

3p - Morgan is home from work, we head to the bank, then pick up Parker
from school. It is a beautiful day outside, so we waked there with

Morgan watched the Tulsa vs. Middle Tennessee basketball game, and TU
won!! (We went to-and met-at The University of Tulsa, I'm not a sports
fan, but I do like TU sports) On to the finals of the C-USA
championship. We talked about driving to El Paso for the game, but it
is at 1030am, there is no way we can make it.  Parker played outside
with the neighbors grandson. They ran up and down the street for 30

530p - We decided to go out to dinner, which might have been a mistake.
Ella is a mess, Parker and her fight the entire time. Somehow we make
it through the meal with only minor injuries.

7p - Back home. Time for baths and showers. Parker is trying to convince
me to let him stay up really late because it's spring break! I'm too
tired to argue, but also to tired to stay up with him. He also doesn't
want to shower.

8p - Ella is a breeze to get to sleep, she likes to sing a song then
she holds her baby doll and goes to sleep!

830p - Daddy to the rescue. Morgan talks Parker into a shower, then they
plan their guys day for tomorrow!  Parker was pretty exhausted and
fell asleep quickly, too!

9p - I read for a few minutes, then I fall asleep. I can't stay up late
anymore, I know tomorrow will be another fun, yet exhausting day...I
have an 8 mile run planned!

So that's a day in my life.  Its never the same, never boring, and
always exhausting!

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Thanks to Bethany for swapping with me and sharing her life with all of us.  And thanks to Laura Bridgman of I'm Fit Possible for setting this up - it was fun!


  1. Great post! I love the whole blog swapping idea! So fun! Cheers! Tara

  2. What a neat idea! Love the post. Very similar to my days with my kiddies!

    1. Hi Amanda! Thank you. Love spending the days with kids, whatever their age, it's always an adventure :)

  3. You are so welcome! I'm glad that you enjoyed this.

    Bethany's day sounds like a whirlwind and the visual of her little one trying to eat with chopsticks is too cute.

    1. Thank you so much for organizing this Laura! It was so fun :)

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