Thursday, April 17, 2014

The 7 Minute Workout - For Real


I know this sounds too good to be true, but hear me out on this one.  I read about this workout app on another blog a few weeks ago (Finding My Strong) and knew I had to try it.  I mean really what did I have to lose, other than 7 mins of my life?!

So I went directly to the App Store and downloaded this bad boy onto my iPhone.  It's a FREE app by the way, and I believe it's also available for Android devices.  The workout consists of 12 body weight moves that you perform for 30 seconds each, with 10 seconds of rest in between.  You can literally do this workout anywhere and the only equipment required is a chair (or something you can do tricep dips/step ups onto).  This is a HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout similar to Tabata.  (Tabata is 20 seconds work/10 seconds rest.)

For the past year or so, I've been in love with HIIT workouts.  A few of the reasons being:
  • The workouts are shorter in duration than standard steady-pace cardio workouts
  • Workouts can be done anywhere
  • Require little to no equipment
  • Improve athletic performance, endurance and speed
  • Greater fat burning than standard cardio
  • Combines strength training with cardio
Obviously to be an endurance athlete, you need regular longer workouts every week, but I love doing HIIT in between run and lifting days.  I feel like they help make me faster and stronger and I have definitely seen results in fat burning and toning.  These type of workouts do what standard steady-state cardio can't in terms of getting ripped. Hahaha!  But seriously they are a great addition to your workout regimen.

Soooo, how did this one pan out?  Going into it, I figured I would probably go through the circuit 3 times to get a good workout and that proved to be just the right number of sets!  Before you begin, you can click on each of the 12 moves in the list within the app, which will launch a demo video of that move, in the event there are any you are unsure how to do.  These are the moves:
  1. Jumping jacks
  2. Wall sits
  3. Push-ups
  4. Abdominal crunches
  5. Step-ups onto a chair
  6. Squats
  7. Triceps dips on a chair
  8. Planks
  9. High knees running in place
  10. Lunges
  11. Push-ups and rotations
  12. Side planks
I knew how to do all of these so I was pretty much set to go.  Once you press 'Start' on the app, you have a 10 second countdown and a soothing voice announces the first move.  GO TIME!  You should go all out for 30 seconds.  The soothing voice will then pipe back in and tell you it's time to rest for 10 seconds.  Yippee!  I'm not gonna lie.  During the first round, 10 seconds felt like too long to be resting.  But by the 3rd round, um no.  My heart rate had zero chance of going back down and that 10 seconds seemed like 2 seconds.  So, after 10 seconds, the voice comes back on and announces the next move.  It goes on like this for 12 moves/7 mins.  After each 7 minute set, I grabbed a quick drink of water, and then started the app again for a total of 21 mins.

This may not sound like a full cardio workout but remember you are going ALL OUT/sprinting for 30 seconds over and over again so it's much different than doing a comfortable 30 min steady-state cardio workout.  You get results in less time here.

Verdict:  I really love this workout, the app in general, and the fact that it's Free!  If you travel, if you're on vacation, or if you just don't have the time to make it to the gym that day, this app is so convenient.  Start it up and just do what the voice tells you to do.  How easy is that?!  I've used this so many times since I downloaded it about 2 weeks ago.  I encourage you to go to the App Store right now, download this baby and give it a try.  You have nothing to lose but 7 mins - WORTH IT! 

I personally think unless you are an absolute beginner or just getting back into exercising you should do this more than one time through, but you could split it up throughout the day.  Do one circuit in the morning and one at night; or even tack this onto the end of a run for additional conditioning/strengthening.  I like that it has a pretty even mix of upper body, lower body and core moves.  It's pretty much the perfect easiest little circuit in my opinion.  (I am getting no kickbacks here, I just really like this app!)

So what are you waiting for?! Go workout for 7 mins and then let me know what you think!!

**Disclosure:  I am not a doctor or medical professional so please be safe and use your own personal judgment when starting/doing any workouts I feature!

Do you like HIIT workouts?

Would you/did you try this App?  What did you think?


  1. Love this idea. I'll definitely download this app. Thanks for the recommendation!

    1. Let me know how you like it! I love it in a pinch or when I can't make it to the gym - plus I think it's pretty fun too!