Thursday, April 24, 2014

Liebster Award!

Hello there and happy Thursday to you!  Last week, I was nominated for a Liebster award by this really cool dude named Jeremy, who blogs over at Confessions of an Amateur Athlete.  Isn't that sweet?!  He is a hardcore runner who lives out in the deserts of Arizona.  Sounds like heaven.  Go ahead and check him out!

You may recall this post from way back in September, when I was nominated for my first Liebster award by Angelena at On Fire Fitness.  The way Liebster awards work is that bloggers nominate other bloggers, showing their blog some 'love', and ask them to answer questions so that readers can be introduced to them and get to know them better.  Then the nominated bloggers nominate others, pose questions, and so on and so on (pay it forward-like). 

I'm going to answer Jeremy's questions below, but I won't tag anyone specifically this time around so no one feels pressured to answer.  If you'd like to answer any of the below questions, I'd love to hear from you in the comments!

1.  Tell us what your blog is about!
I would put my blog in the 'Healthy Living' blog category, but I believe there's more to it than just that.  I discuss physical health and a lot of running, but I also talk about emotional health, and just general life stuff.  This place is sometimes a dumping ground for whatever is on my mind at the time!

2.  What made you want to start blogging?
I always wanted to write in some capacity, but those creative juices got a bit stifled when I entered corporate America.  I started reading blogs about 4 years ago, and kept thinking I'd love to start my own.  I finally took the plunge last year after going through a rough period in my personal life as a way to 'start over' and finally start doing some of the things I'd only ever dreamed of.  The blog was one, running my first half-marathon was another!

3.  What's your favorite way to stay active?
I guess Running is the easy answer here but I really love most forms of exercise.  I grew up being part of a very active family.  My two sisters and I were always involved in some kind sport and we also grew up spending 90% of our 'playtime' outside.  We never really sat still and thank goodness video games really didn't come about til I was older.  In addition to running I like biking, hiking, swimming, lifting/strength training, group classes, boot camp classes, and lots more!

4.  If you could have dinner with ONE person (dead or alive) who would it be and why?
This answer changes all the time for me!  I think currently I'd love to get a private audience with Oprah.  I think she is such a benevolent, wise and gifted spirit and I'd love to be in her midst.  Maybe some of that magic would rub off on me :)

5.  Waffles or Pancakes?  Favorite topping?
Mmmm, both of these items usually have dairy in them!  Although I'm sure I could follow a recipe and make either one of them myself without dairy, we all know I have zero patience for the domestic arts!  I have eaten Eggo waffles and thought they were ok, and I also bought some milk-free pancake mix in the past but I gotta say, I'm not really wild and crazy for either of these breakfast staples (eeeek! the horror).

6.  One guilty pleasure of yours after a tough workout/run.
My favorite food treats for pretty much any and every occasion are Vegan Treats!!!  It's too bad I can only get them in Bethlehem.  Or maybe that's a good thing, because if they were in Baltimore I'd be there every day and would probably develop diabetes from the incessant sugar overload.

7.  What's one fitness activity you haven't tried, or don't do often, that you'd like to try?
If I've said it once, I've said it a million times, I really really wish I could get into Yoga.  I have the best of intentions but it just never 'sticks' with me.  I think I am too hyper for it?!
Pretty much  (Pinterest)

8.  If you could only eat ONE thing for the rest of your life... what would it be?
OMG what kind of question is this?!  I have some favorite foods but the thought of eating one of them over and over every day kind of makes me want to vomit!  Hahaha.  I don't even think I could stomach Vegan Treats every day for eternity.  I guess I'll go with my best friend and my version of heaven - an endless supply of pre-peeled (this is key!) snow crab legs (true story, ask her!).  I'll dive into that for the rest of my life.

9.  Describe your dream vacation.
Lately, I have really been craving a solo vacation to somewhere beautiful and outdoorsy.  I'm thinking out West somewhere where I can hike, commune with Nature and the Divine and sort out my purpose here on this planet :)

10.  Link to your favorite blog post!
I think my favorite so far was about That Time I Tried Online Dating. 
**Editor's Note:  I just recently dove back into the online dating pool, and can I just say, that online dating is really just THE WORST!  It has not gotten any better the 2nd time around.  This may/may not be material for future posts - stay tuned.

That was fun!  Thanks again for tagging me and for the thoughtful questions Jeremy!

Your turn!  Pick a question and answer away :)


  1. I've seen these posts all over the place recently. I love reading everyones answers.

    I started blogging for the same reason you did. I was reading other peoples blogs and thinking that I should start my own. I wish I'd started it sooner though and documented right from the beginning of my weight loss journey. But hey ho.

    Great Answers :)

    Laura | Health and Fitness Blogger

    1. Hi Laura. Thanks for stopping by! I see you just got a Liebster too :) Congrats!

  2. #7 - I always felt the same way about yoga. I remember one of the first times I tried it I was staring outside of the class at the people on treadmills wishing I was running instead. However, I swear, if you haven't already try a flow class after a hard workout - it's a great combo of strength and stretching and at least for me, at that point my mind was relaxed enough to really enjoy it. I still find myself craving it once it awhile.

    #9 - Time for a pacific trail hike?!

    #10 - Ahh, I want to hear about this online dating! :)

    1. Ha, yes that is exactly how I've felt in all the yoga classes I've tried. I often find myself watching the clock thinking, 'I have HOW many minutes of this left?!'.

      Pacific Trail Hike is absolutely on my bucket list - I still can't get that book out of my mind. I think about it all the time!

      Oh Lord. I am wading through A LOT of crap with online dating and it's seriously testing my patience.

  3. *goes to read about online dating*

    1. Hahaha, you're lucky you didn't have to suffer through this modern-age right of passage. It is a real TREAT!