Friday, July 25, 2014

Going Topless

Got your attention, didn't I?!  Well, I'm sorry to disappoint the random internet stalkers and members of the general Tinder population who undoubtedly clicked in hoping for some nude pics, but I'm fully clothed over here!

Today I want to talk about running topless, ehhh let me clarify.  Running with the necessities covered via sports bra, but no shirt.  This is not something I've done in ages, but lately I've really really been wanting to.  So what's holding me back?  I mean this girl looks free as a bird doing her track workout shirtless:


Well, I'll tell you what's holding me back.  It's the great big fat fear of sexual harassment and/or being assaulted.  Crazy right?  I mean remember that time I got the worst cat-call ever?!  It saddens me that we still live in an age where a woman has to think about what kind of reaction her clothing choices will elicit in males and if said choices will put her in danger, but unfortunately that is the case.
Years ago, when I was still living at home, I'd enjoy hot summer evening runs in a sports bra in my parents' neighborhood, but they live in a very tucked away sleepy, suburban neighborhood, away from high-traffic streets.  I currently live in a very densely populated area with high traffic roads surrounding me at every turn. 
There is absolutely nothing inappropriate, salacious or 'inviting' about me or any other woman wearing a sports bra to work out in.  Let's be real, it covers far more than a bikini.  However, I know that the volume and frequency of randoms shouting out their car windows and honking at me would definitely go up, as if my workout gear is merely an invite for their approval, disapproval and/or inappropriate commentary. 
Lately, it has been really hot, humid and sticky around these parts, and I find myself actually fantasizing, while running, about tearing off my shirt Hulk-style, like I imagine the infamous bra burners of the 1960's did!  I already wear the thinnest, lightest, tank tops possible - ones like these that are mostly made of mesh and extremely breathable:
However, even they are too much when it is 90 degrees and 90% humidity outside.  I hate the feeling of them sticking to my body and frankly feel they serve no purpose.  Like why am I putting on a second layer of clothing when it's nearly 100 degrees outside?!
So, my question for you is:  Are you a sport-bra only runner in the summer?  Why or why not?
If you are, where do you live?  What's your neighborhood like?  And are you ever the victim of cat calls because of this?
Honestly, I think before the summer is over I'm just going to do it.  And perhaps, if I get screamed at I'll run my feminist little behind up to the offender and confront the heck out of them, like this lady is doing all over Minneapolis. 

In other news, I'm off to the beach for the weekend to hang out with this irresistible little munchkin, who is bringing homemade vegan ice cream!!!  I'll also be stopping off at the liquor store for some Arbor Mist and wine coolers because that is just what you drink at the beach, or is that just me and underage teens everywhere?!

Happy weekend to you all, and thanks in advance for your feedback on the shirt/no shirt issue!


  1. Never been topless whilst running - mostly because I was losing weight and not very confident in my body.

    I've now had surgery to remove loose skin with a tummy tuck and breast uplift - and although I always thought that I would deffo go out topless running - I now still don't think I can as I HATE cat calls and I can just imagine them being so much worse now that I've had Breast Augmentation and they'd be quite clearly out there.

    Enjoy the beach this weekend!

    1. Congrats on your weight loss! I hate cat calls too. I really wish in this modern day and age this is not something women had to fear anymore, but there will apparently always be men out there who believe we were put on this earth simply for their enjoyment :(

  2. I have on occasion gone "topless" but I rarely do. I would say a handful of times. I think for several reasons: modesty, sun protection, sweat wicking (Forehead), sweat wicking (body). I feel like it helps. But it could just be me.

    1. Ahh yes, the sweat wicking is a super point! I use my shirt for that all the time. But on those super super hot days I can't tell you how many times I've fantasized about ripping it off as well!