Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Look Who I Met Last Night, and The Award for the 'Most (Un)Creative Catcall Ever' Goes to...

Yes that is me with ultra-runner Dean Karnazes because I MET HIM last night!  Is that insane or what?!  My local running store was sponsoring a meet and greet happy hour with him and I had to stop by. When else will I get the chance to talk face to face with a running legend like this, I thought?  Admittedly, going into last night I didn't know too many specifics about Dean, but I knew he accomplished crazy running feats that most people would never attempt.  I think I knew him most by his extraordinary performances in the Badwater Ultras through Death Valley.  But when I googled him I found all these other crazy things he's done, like:
  • Celebrated his 30th birthday by running 30 miles overnight in his underwear, after drinking most of the night (?!)
  • Ran a marathon in each of the 50 states in 50 days in 2006 (just how?!?)
  • Ran 148 miles on a treadmill in 24 hours in 2004 (sounds like death)
In addition to being an amazing, almost superhuman athlete, he was such a NICE person.  The first thing he said to me after I introduced myself was, 'Wow, you have a great laugh!'.  He also asked me where I was from.  I mentioned Bethlehem and he told me he ran the Hat Trick at last year's Runner's World Half so I missed him there by a year!  He also signed a poster for me in which he wrote 'Keep smiling and keep running'.  How sweet is that?  The line last night was long but he was so gracious, and I'm told stayed past the allotted 2 hour time slot to ensure everyone waiting was able to meet him!  All I can say is he was a really genuine cool person and I now need to read his book.
In other news...
Have you ever been catcalled while running?  Happens to me all the time because I run along very busy roads.  Most of the time, it's a honking horn, whistling, or shout outs that I can't even (thankfully) understand.  I don't really pay attention anymore because it's just part of the territory I guess.  However, on Monday I got what I will now refer to as the Most (Un)Creative Catcall Ever.  It was cold here on Monday, probably in the low 40's when I went out for a run.  Very brisk.  Well, some dude rolls down his window and yells in the loudest, clearest voice possible: "I CAN SEE YOUR NIPPLES".  Excuse me?!?!?!  That my friends is a new one.  Thank you good sir for pointing out my body's natural physiological response to cold weather, and also for pointing out that I do in fact own a set of nipples.  Stay classy Baltimore. 
So of course I was self conscious for the rest of my run!  I shouldn't really care, I know, but now I'm thinking maybe I need a thicker sports bra for the winter?!  I usually wear non-padded ones like this one from Target.  I mean let's be honest, my boobs are nowhere near full candy bar size, they are definitely more 'fun sized', which means I don't need much in the way of support.  I never considered wearing a padded sports bra, but I'm just curious - for the women out there - do you have a good one you recommend? 
Thank goodness the weather today was about 20 degrees warmer.  I ran in a t shirt and shorts and never once thought about my nipples. 
The sky on my run this afternoon!
Hope everyone had a great Wednesday!
Tell me...
Have you ever gotten catcalled on your run? 
Do you have any good sports bra recommendations for me?!
Have you ever met a famous athlete?


  1. fortunately - or unfortunately depending on your outlook - I've never been catcalled. I have almost been hit by cars and inadvertently spit on by a passing biker (he stopped and profusely apologized), but never catcalled.

    Meeting Dean sounds awesome - isn't it great when people like that turn out to be super nice and accommodating? It's really great that he stuck around for everyone to get a chance to meet him!

  2. Hi PJ - Yes, I'd consider you fortunate indeed! Most of the time I brush it off but this one was pretty outrageous!
    It really was a special treat to meet him and to see how sweet and friendly he was to us.