Friday, November 1, 2013

Fall Workouts and Fitness Goals

Ok, ok so I guess I like Fall a little bit.  There was no denying the beauty around me on my morning walk yesterday.  Those are actual pictures from the streets of Baltimore - kind of unreal right? 
Now that my big race is over, I'm in what I would consider my 'off-season'.  Although I work out consistently year-round, I'm not officially in training for anything right now.  This season for me usually happens in the months of Nov/Dec/Jan.  So I wanted to talk about what my workout plans are for the next 2 months or so, until after the Holidays. 
Last week I took it pretty easy after the RWHalf.  I did two long walks on Tuesday/Thursday of 4.5 miles each and then an hour swim on Friday.
This week I was back at it, but scaled back on the running.  My workouts this week looked like this:
Sunday - 5K Run
Monday - 25 min HIIT workout - This one, from my Pinterest board @Jillyruns
Tuesday - 1 hour BodyPump (weightlifting)
Wednesday - 1 hour swimming + 10 min in sauna
Thursday - 4 mile walk (morning) + 5K run (evening)
Friday - Rest Day!
Over the summer, I tried to concentrate on cross-training a lot more than I normally do, and this is one of the things that I believe led to my PR in the RWHalf.  So for the next couple of months, I want to focus on cross-training and strength-training so I continue to get stronger, build muscle and (hopefully) prevent my recurring leg issues (tibial tendinitis and periostitis) from rearing their ugly heads again. 
Last year around this time, I used a Groupon for a month of unlimited CrossFit and I really felt myself get stronger in that month.  I actually became addicted to the intensity and challenge of CrossFit in that time and it's something I wish I could afford to do on a regular basis.  I think it was actually a really nice complement to running.  However, membership fees at CrossFit 'boxes' are just out of my league right now, so in the alternative, I scour Pinterest and the web for WOD's you can do at home. 
This year during my off-season, I'm going to be using a Groupon I bought for a boot camp style workout studio.  It seems like the workouts are somewhat CrossFit-esque and the owner keeps you guessing by changing up the game plan every class.  I've seen videos on their Facebook page of clients doing everything from running laps around the parking lot carrying medicine balls to doing handstand wall walk drills, so needless to say, I'm excited to get started!  I am definitely a high-intensity workout gal so this sounds like it's going to be right up my alley :)  Once I get into it, I'll post some reviews and updates of the classes on here. 
In addition to cross-training, one of my goals this year was to try to get into yoga.  Well, it's now November and I've made 0 progress on that one :(  I feel like I need some kind of workout that's a bit less intense, and have been reading a lot about the meditative and spiritual benefits of starting a yoga practice.  Those elements are something I want more of in my life right now.  In addition, I've also been wanting to increase my flexibility.  I was a gymnast as a little kid and used to be really flexible, and sadly I've lost a lot of that over the years.  In any case, it looks like this may become a 2014 goal. 
After the Holidays, I'm going to be looking for a spring race.  I've considered entering the raffle for the Nike Women's Half in DC again (which opens Nov 5th, btw) because I had a really great time at the inaugural race this past April, however I've run the course already.  I kind of like my big races each year to be in new venues.  So, I'm open to feedback for a Spring half - please send me some recommendations!  I think I may want to travel for the race too, and use it as an excuse for a long weekend to see someplace new :)
I'll still be running over the next couple of months, but with no set mileage in place.  I'm going to run for the pure unadulterated JOY of it.  Isn't that a novel idea?!
And I'm also planning a few shorter distance races and 'fun runs' in the meantime.  I've already signed up for a local 5K next weekend in my neighborhood.  The course actually runs along roads that I use for my long training runs so I dk how I'm going to get it in my head that I'm racing and therefore need to speed it up a bit!  I always think 5K's are the hardest distance because they're so fast - you are literally just sprinting for 3 miles :/  Ugh!  I'm also thinking about doing a Turkey Trot back home in Bethlehem over Thanksgiving.  And maybe something over the Christmas holiday.  We'll see.  The goal over the next two months is to give my legs a rest, cross-train like a maniac, grow some muscles and come back in January/Feb ready to train for my next race, wherever that may take me...
Oh, one last thing.  Lately, a little seed has been planted in my head and has started to grow; I'm thinking I *might* want to do a full marathon.  Eeeek!  I can't believe I just put that out there.  Maybe once I get 5 Halfs under my belt, I'll feel more confident?  Anyway, this is a next year, or the next year goal, not a Fall goal, so I'll just leave it at that :)
How about you? 

What do your workouts look like lately?
Are you currently training for anything?
Any recommendations for a nice Spring half marathon?



  1. love how much diversity you have in our workouts!

  2. Hi Ashley! Ha, yes I like to keep my body guessing! I just came off half-marathon training so I'm taking the opportunity now to enjoy a lot more cross training. I'll keep the blog updated as I start my new boot camp this month!