Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thankful Thursday - Part 3

I must tell you - the strangest thing has happened since I started to actively notice and be grateful for small blessings in my life.  I've started to notice them more and more.  Some days it seems I notice things to be thankful for all day long - green lights when I'm running late, a friendly cashier at the store, the sun hitting my face while I'm out walking, people smiling and laughing all around me, snuggles from my cats.  And I think I've just been taught another lesson from the Universe.  Once you start practicing gratitude, you not only see more and more to be thankful for, you become the recipient of more blessings!  This is a practice I hope I can continue throughout the year.  I believe positivity breeds positivity and that is the path I want to be on.

So, even though some days it was hard to choose just one thing, let me present this week's list without further ado:

November 8 - Great customer service from Panera.  Last week I had ordered a salad to go, no cheese, but didn't discover until I got home and sat down to eat, that there was Gorgonzola cheese sprinkled all over it. Oy vey.  I felt terrible having to waste that food but I just can't digest dairy.  So I phoned the café and the manager said the next time I'm in he would comp me a meal and a free bakery treat for my trouble!  Score!  So on this day I redeemed his generous offer and enjoyed a delicious Friday night meal plus dessert :)  (I'm loving their Roasted Turkey Harvey Wheatberry Salad right now.)

November 9 - The reappearance of my favorite Christmas tea.  This is limited edition folks and only makes it way onto shelves this time of year, so if you're in the mood for ingesting liquid sugar cookies - get some!  It's herbal and caffeine free so you can drink to your heart's content, as I have been doing.
November 10 - For my health and these legs, that allow me to do the things I love, and a new personal best for me.
November 11 - For Freedom, and all the Veterans who earned that right for me... Especially my two grandfathers who served in the military.
November 12 - A close encounter with nature.  As I was walking this morning, the largest buck (male deer) I've ever seen with big beautiful antlers crossed right in front of my path, perhaps 15 feet away.  We both froze as we looked into each other's eyes.  It was surreal.  And then just like that he leapt off.  Mind you I was still in the city of Baltimore (a wooded neighborhood, but the city nonetheless).  I just hope he made it back into the woods safely.
November 13 - The kindness of 'strangers' and making new friends at boot camp.  I don't think 'stranger' is really a nice word to call someone you don't know, do you?  Just because you don't know someone doesn't mean they're strange!  We are all souls inhabiting this planet, just waiting to make connections with each other, so I think a better way to think of a stranger, is just a friend you haven't met yet :)

November 14 - All the wonderful new people who have come into my life lately and with whom I'm developing great new relationships.


What do you think? 
Are you practicing thankfulness this month, and if so, have you noticed you have more things to be thankful for each day? 




  1. You're the second blogger who has posted about Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride this week, and I've been hearing about this tea for years. Curiosity got the better of me and I picked up a box. Amazing! I have to stock up before the season ends to last me until next Christmas.

    1. Hi Sabrina! Ha, so glad you decided to try it. Not a bad idea to stockpile it for the entire year either!!