Thursday, November 7, 2013

Thankful Thursday

For the second installment of Thankful Thursday, I'm going to spin off the November Facebook craze in which people post a 'thankful' status update each day of the month.  I've been jotting down one thing I'm thankful for every day since November 1st, and each Thursday I'll share those things from the past week on the blog.  So here we go!

Today I am thankful for...

November 1st - ...Hot evening showers after a long, messy day (story for another post!), followed by getting cozy with a new library book

November 2nd - ...Unexpected compliments from strangers
November 3rd - ...Freshly made bruschetta on a toasted bakery baguette for dinner - YUM!

November 4th - ...My niece, who captured my heart 4 years ago today
November 5th - ...Meeting an amazing athlete face to face
November 6th -...Catching up with one of my best friends over sushi happy hour
This girl!
November 7th - ...Baby laughs.  Seriously one of the sweetest, most contagious sounds on earth
Your turn!
Are you participating in any Thankful November exercises?
Feel free to share something you were thankful for this week!









  1. Im thankful for my niece! My dog son. My husband. My heating blanket! My running legs :) Finding new blogs!

    1. Hi Melissa! I'm so thankful for my niece and nephews too - love them to pieces! And I'm glad you found me and vice versa :)