Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Adventures in Boot Camp

Adventures in boot camp continue.  Every day I walk into class having no idea what form of torture we will be subject to...and I'm loooooving it!  I love being challenged, and waking up sore the next morning from working muscles that have longed for their day in the sun.  I feel like the work I'm doing now is only going to benefit me once I start training again for a spring race.  I think doing all of these strength drills will help with any muscle imbalances I develop at times when the bulk of my training is just running. 

The trainer of this studio is awesome as well.  He runs around the room, checking in with everyone  to make sure we're performing the moves correctly and feeling ok, and cheers everyone on by name.  He is so full of energy and I love the encouragement.  It's such a team atmosphere in there.  Oh, and he is also RIPPED. 

So to give you another taste of what we do there, here's a play by play of tonight's workout.

Warm Up:  800 meter run (outdoors)

Workout:  45 mins of a 4 part circuit that consisted of Rowing, Medicine Ball Slams, Box Jumps, and Wall Walks.  The time for each interval depended on when the person on your team finished their wall walks and then bumped everyone along to the next drill.  (See below for video demos.)

Tonight's workout reminded me very much of CrossFit.  The only thing that I think differentiated this from a typical CrossFit WOD was that there were no heavy weights involved and the workout length was a bit longer than a typical WOD. 

Here are some videos, in order, of what our 45 mins consisted of.  And lucky you, you're in for a treat because the last video is of ME!  That's right.  My trainer took a video of yours truly doing the Wall Walks and sent it over so I could take a look at my form.  And if I appear exhausted, your assessment is correct because this was at the very end of the night.  Jilly's little arms are about beat.  Enjoy!

Be Careful!!

Medicine Ball Slams

Box Jumps

Wall Walks
Helloooooooo Jilly
How about you?
What workouts have you been excited about lately?


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