Tuesday, November 19, 2013


I had a completely different post planned for tonight.  But then as I was coming out of boot camp tonight, high as a kite, I happened to glance down at my phone as I got back into my car - and there sat a text that brought me crashing back to reality and stopped my heart on a dime.  Devastating news from a friend about someone we both know.  And you see firsthand how life can change in an instant.  So my planned post for tonight just seemed silly and paled in comparison to what I had just heard. 

The lesson for me here is clear and timely, and something I have been hearing from the Universe all year.  Life is short people.  And most of us realize this far too late in the game.  So whatever you want to be, go be it.  Whatever you want to do, go do it.  Say what you mean, love with all your heart, because this is it.  This one life.  Get it all in.

So tonight I'm just going to share a few words of inspiration I've found on Pinterest.  And I'm going to send prayers out to this person, focus my heart on everything I have right now and say a great big THANK YOU.  This month of gratitude just became even more important and real. 

What do you do when you hear shocking news? 
Has this month of gratitude taught you any lessons so far?



  1. I get quiet when I hear shocking news and like to be alone. I hope you are well.



    1. Hi Melissa. Thanks so much for your thoughts and wishes. So sad when I hear about bad things happening to people, I feel so helpless. All I can do is say a prayer and just be extra grateful for all that I have.

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    1. Hi Tracy,

      What wonderful news! Thank you so much for the nomination! I look forward to being a part of this great contest!