Tuesday, August 19, 2014


1.  I went to the doctor last week and my blood pressure was 88/57.  My heart rate was 56.  I'm no M.D. but I'm pretty sure with vitals like those, I should be dead.  IT'S GOOD TO BE ALIVE PEOPLE!

2.  I did another 11 miles on Saturday after I buried my feelings in Chipotle the night before and I most surprisingly felt pretty swell.  Much better than last week's 11 and a few minutes faster too.  Lesson:  Massive amounts of Chipotle will make your run faster.  Try it.
3.  After my run, I went to check out Runner Appreciation Day at Holabird Sports.  I had never been to Holabird before because I always get my running shoes from Charm City Run.  However this event sounded fun, it was free, and there was a chance you could win some cool running stuff! SOLD!  I ended up getting some free socks, picked up some Nuun and tried on the new Adidas Energy Boost shoes.  Verdict on those - I really liked them!  Ran around the parking lot for awhile and whatever that Boost material is, it definitely feels different from the normal foam cushioning in most shoes.
4.  My Saturday of fun continued when I stopped by the library and picked up lots of new books.  There's not much that makes me as happy as new books that are also FREE.  (Running, Babies.  It's a short list.  I'm easy to please.)
5.  On Sunday I went to my cousin's daughter's 3rd birthday party.  I hadn't seen these particular cousins since Christmas so it was really nice to spend some time with them. 
Aunt Jill, supervising the kids on the play set, drink in hand. #RoleModel
6.  This happened:

I was ice bucket challenged.  So if you ever wanted to know what I sound like IRL - there you go!  I'm a munchkin from the Land of Oz.  [You may be wondering how I filmed this here video considering I live alone.  If you guessed I taught my cats how to use an iPhone you'd be wrong, but that would be awesome.  No, I duct taped my iPhone to the bannister of my balcony.  Real life MacGuyver over here.  NASA should hire me.]
After I doused myself with ice water, I ran the fastest 7 miles of my life.  It was like running with built in air conditioning.  This has been noted and I will be ice bucketing myself immediately prior to running my half marathon.
That's all folks!  Enjoy your week :)
Tell me something random and fun!!!


  1. Brave for doing the ice bucket challenge. I was challenged twice but only donated... :-P

  2. You should have done the ice bucket challenge after your run. Or just sat in it. Don't they know that we do these things on the regular? Or at least, some people do.
    PS Welcome to the 90/60 blood pressure club! Nope, not dead yet either ;)

  3. Haha I am 90/60! I always think.. really. When I wear a HRM.... scary to see my HR drop sometimes!

  4. I love that you taped up your iPhone. You're so clever! And I am 100% in agreement about the powers of Chipotle. ...I only wish there was one closer to my house!