Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Good Days

This past weekend was just filled with good days.  I was back in PA for probably the first time in 2 months to see a friend that was about to make a very brave and inspiring cross country move!  I also had a random day off work so I was able to extend my trip a little. 

My weekend started off with a Friday afternoon visit with one of my godsons.  It has been awhile since I got to spend some time with this little man and I had SO MUCH FUN with him!  He is 17 months old now and has grown and learned so much since I last saw him.  Sometimes I can't decide if I like running or hanging out with babies more?!  It's probably about a tie.  Also, there is very little in this world that tops the feeling of holding a tiny little hand in yours.

And if you didn't think my Friday could get any better than that little reunion, you'd be forgetting that Bethlehem is home to the best vegan bakery in the world.  I stopped at Vegan Treats later that evening and drowned myself in cruelty-free soft serve and baked goodies. 

On Saturday, I wanted to go for a 'long' run because I have been slowly but steadily trying to build up my mileage in preparation for a TBD Fall Half.  My longest long run in recent months was 6 miles a couple weeks ago, so I was hoping to do 6-7 on Saturday.  Well folks, sometimes the stars just align and your legs feel like they are winged little Pegasuses.  I ended up running 10 beautiful, delicious miles and I'm quite sure the running gods were smiling upon me that day. 

The thing about running, and well, also Life, is that not every day is a good day.  They just can't be.  Everything is a series of ebbs and flows.  I don't think it's possible to ride an infinite high; that's just not the human condition.  And I think a lot of people who don't run, maybe don't understand that.  Not every run is easy.  Sometimes it's a real freaking struggle for 3 straight miles, and I want to stop, give up and turn right around and go home.  But I don't.  Because that's not how life works.  The only way through the hard times is THROUGH them.  So I feel like when I have days like Saturday, in running or in life, I ride those suckers out for everything they're worth.   By mile 6, which was my 'predetermined' stopping point, I wasn't tired in the least.  My legs were not heavy and everything still felt great.  I knew this was one of those really good days, when everything came together, and I knew I would regret not riding this wave out if I turned back early.  So I just kept going. 

I think it's important to take advantage of those 'feel good' days in life and do whatever you can with them.  Because inevitably, there will be days when you just don't feel motivated, or you're under the weather, and then all your plans go to $hit.  So when you have those magic days, when things just 'feel' right, lace up and get out there!  And in the darker days, try to remember the grand plans and great feelings you had on those brighter days, because they will often be what pull you back up again.

Saturday night I said goodbye for now to my friend who is moving out West.  Her activity of choice was mini golf and with the 3 of us involved, it could not have been any sillier.  We joked like we did back in high school.  Sometimes I can't believe we are all 35?!  We also settled on plans for my future which include running from Albuquerque NM to Denver CO which according to Google maps is 449 miles so that should occupy me for awhile.  Glad that's all settled.

My friend on the right there (the one who is moving) recently got into barefoot running with Vibrams and is loving them. She has kind of convinced me to give them a shot.  Anyone out there currently run in Five Fingers and want to give me the lowdown on your experience?!

On Sunday I got to spend the day with yet ANOTHER of my favorite little people and that would be my 3 year old nephew.  I biked for about 75 minutes in the morning around my parent's neighborhood and when I arrived home this little face was waiting for me!

Sorry, that's an old pic.  I didn't snap many pics this weekend.
This kid cracks me up.  He shares my dairy-free lifestyle so he and I are always buddies in our milk-free escapades.  We were playing 'restaurant' and he was the server.  I ordered iced tea, however he kept telling me the iced tea had BUTTER in it! Hahahaha So no iced tea for me.  Regardless, I thoroughly enjoyed the plastic shrimp and steak I was served. 
So yeah, those were some good, good days.  Summer seems to be full of them actually.  I think I secretly tuck all of my summer memories away every year, because when Winter rolls around I need a huge stockpile of them to look back on to get me through those long cold days.  When life gets hard, I try to remember the good days, because I know they'll come around again....
How was your weekend?
What do you do on days you're feeling really really good?
What about days you're feeling not so good?


  1. Yes definitely savor those good days. My weekend was busy moving. I feel like my best days are the ones with family or when I have a great run but oftentimes it's just random and you never know when the good days are going to happen which is what makes them so good! I'm glad you had such a fantastic weekend. Goodbyes suck but it usually means the time spent together is that much more special.
    p.s. on the Vibrams.... we stopped selling them at Charm City... soooo....All I know is they can cause back problems and other issues for people but they may work great, it'sjust a little riskier than more traditional shoes!

    1. Oh moving, possibly one of the largest headaches known to man! Well I hope you are getting settled in as Baltimore has welcomed you home with open arms!
      Yeah, about those Vibrams we'll see. It's something I need to think about more and if I do try them I would know within a few runs if they worked for me or not. Not looking to go all out in some crazy shoes until I injure myself beyond repair. NIKES for LIFE! hahaha

  2. I echo Sarah on the Vibrams. Proceed with major caution. That said, weirder things work for people.
    So happy that you had an amazing week, and that you resisted the urge to butter (vegan or not) your iced tea....
    Kids say the darnedest things :D

    1. Thank you Miss Susie. I'm not even sure I'm going to try those crazy shoes yet, but if I do I will definitely be able to tell if they are beneficial or detrimental within the first few runs. Who knows, maybe I'll scratch running in them and just wear them out on dates because they are REALLY attractive looking! haha

  3. Love that - stockpile those great memories. And I agree, not much sweeter in life than a little one.

    1. Yes, memories of summer (or good days in general) are what get me through the winters of life :)

  4. Great job on the run! I'm ready for one of those. I'm so very long overdue for a good one!

    1. Thank you! I just love those days when everything comes together and feels 'right'. I'll try my best to send one your way!!