Friday, August 15, 2014

Words of Wisdom from Chipotle

I had planned to blog last night and then I had a frankly very difficult and emotional phone conversation that evening, so that kinda just derailed my plans.  I have been thinking about the words exchanged by both parties in the time since and feeling both remorseful and angry at the same time.  Why oh why do we hurt the people we love the most and vice versa. 

In any case, I wasn't feeling too bloggy so this evening after work and running some errands I decided to pile all of my feelings in a great big bowl of heaven, also known as the Chipotle salad:

A meal bigger than my head.  Spot on.
After stuffing about 2/3 of that meal in my gullet I was feeling pretty much the same, just minus the hunger.  Well imagine my surprise when, as I was folding up the Chipotle bag to put in the trash, these words caught my eye:
The Universe speaks!  And just like that I was given exactly the right advice by some kind of act of Divine timing.  I let that sink in for a moment, and am going to try to put that lesson into practice.
I love when life proves to be completely serendipitous.
Well I'm planning to get up early for a hopefully 10ish mile run tomorrow morning so it's about time I hit the hay.  (In retrospect, this was prob not my wisest pre-run meal, but then again if I hadn't stopped in for this salad, I would have never seen these words! BAZINGA!)
Happy weekend!
Do you believe in 'signs'?
Have you ever received messages at just the right time?


  1. I love that quote! I'm glad you came across it and glad you got some comfort from it. I had a similar experience recently. We are losing my mother-in-law right now to cancer, and we've been really struggling with the whole "IT'S NOT FAIR!" thing. She's so young. I know cancer doesn't take age into consideration when it strikes, but 58 is just too damn young to die. Then I saw a quote on Facebook a few days ago that said, "The flame that burns twice as bright can only burn half as long." (or something like that). I thought it was beautiful.

    1. Oh Pam I'm so sorry to hear that. My prayers are with your family. Cancer is HUGE bitch.

  2. I'm not so much sure that I believe in signs, but I do believe that these types of words and wisdom are around all the time, it is just when we are in the right mindset that we notice them, and to apply them to our lives. Regardless, I am glad that you found that quote at the right time.
    Makes me think of fortune cookies, and the fact that nowadays, you are just lucky to get a real fortune!

    1. Yeah I see what you mean Susie. Most of the time there are messages all around us that we just don't see or aren't ready to accept at the time! And I haven't had a fortune cookies in AGES! I could really go for one now, thanks :)