Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A Giant Leap for Mankind

The weekend has come and gone but what happened on Friday will go down as a momentous day in our nation's history and will be a day that lives on forever.

I drew that picture up there last Monday at work (hiiiiiiiiiii #nannylife) with no idea that come Friday my rainbow would have so much more meaning behind it.  Kind of a crazy coincidence don't you think?! Or was it???

After hearing the news that ALL couples will finally be able to legally marry in ALL 50 states on Friday, I felt so happy, warm, light, positive, and surrounded by incredible goodness.  It's hard to explain really.  It was like I could physically feel the love being passed around our nation like a giant 'wave' at a football stadium, if that makes any sense?! 

I felt like there was a shift forward, a 'giant leap for mankind' kind of shift, for humanity that day.  And I could actually feel it.  Could you? 

Yes, there are million terrible things that are still going on in the world, in our country and all around us, but we are making progress. Slowly, but its happening.  I feel like more and more people are coming to the realization that we are all one.  That equality means EVERYONE, not just those that you agree with.  That united we are much stronger than we are alone.  That having pride in where you were born and raised is fine, but we are all ONE country now.  (I'm looking at you, Confederate flag.) 

I'm sure you've read and seen many blog posts, articles, photos, videos etc of how our nation reacted to the news on Friday, so I don't think there's much more I can add other than to say this is a day our generation will remember forever. 

Also, this was my favorite viral photo from the weekend:

RIGHT?!?! Case closed.

I basically just wanted to memorialize this day on my blog so I'd be able to look back on it years from now.  So thanks for stopping by my online diary for the day!  Now get out there and keep trying to change the world all you fabulous souls!

Feel free to share your thoughts!


  1. Replies
    1. Such amazing times we are living in!

  2. Best news ever :) My heart feels so full knowing that gay marriage is now legal in ALL states. And how incredible re: the rainbow you randomly made and the new meaning behind it.

    LOL, that quote... :) hope you have a happy 4th, momma! XOXO

    1. Yes! I thought the rainbow was such an incredible coincidence/sign/omen! So strange how things happen sometime.

  3. Friday was a wonderful day... And my birthday! THRILLED to share my birthday with such a monumentous change to society!

    1. Ahhh you are a good luck charm Gigi!!!

  4. I was so, so happy about this too! It's about darn time!! <3! I know there's technically still a long battle ahead, but at least we're taking a step in the right direction! :]!!