Monday, June 15, 2015

Natural Therapy: Patapsco Valley State Park

I've been craving time in nature lately.  And more than that, I've been feeling like I want to disconnect a bit from everything.  Maybe it's because it's summer and the weather is singing to me like a sea siren, beckoning me to shirk all responsibility and GO OUTSIDE.  And maybe I just need a little break from the constant influx of media and noise.  I'm not going to go all Into the Wild (yet), but a day spent in the woods was just what I needed this weekend.

If you're feeling a bit overstimulated or just have a case of the Mondays, perhaps the photos from my hike at Patapsco Valley State Park (located in Ellicott City, MD) yesterday can bring a little zen to your morning.  Go ahead.  Zone out for a minute.  Heed the call of the wild.  No one's watching :)  Ommm.....







Oh Hiiiiiii!  Carry on.



Love, eternal



I made a friend!



Toes, water, Heaven

What were you up to this weekend?

Do you crave more nature/outdoor time in the summer?

Been hiking lately?


  1. Great photos, love the scenery!

  2. I wanted to head up to Loch Raven this weekend, but didn't actually make it! I always forget about Patapsco!

  3. I got to run on a paved trail during Ragnar, and it was a perfect mix of trail and civilization. I more like having nature around me than being one with it. Basically I don't like bugs. But I like camping. It is weird.

  4. I've been really wanting to get out to Patapsco to go running/biking/hiking/OUTDOORSING. It's supposed to be awesome! And it's really nice that it's not that far away so you can easily sneak away to get outdoors and into nature.

  5. Being from WY - I grew up in nature, however, what's funny... Is... I don't miss it, now that I live in Los Angeles. Weird and kind of sad, but I think it's because I was forced to be in it constantly, thanks to competitively snowboarding and what not. However, every so often, I just wish I could sit on a rock in the middle of nowhere and think about life! ha!

  6. All your pics lately make me want to go hiking! Love the picture of the yellow leaf by itself.

  7. how beautiful! looks like such a great weekend.

  8. So beautiful! I have only been to Maryland once, and it was gorgeous, I just didn't have time to hike much I was over on the Antietam side by WV. I will have to add this as a must do when I make it back there next time!
    Hiking and exploring are seriously my favorite things to do next to running, and with a beautiful country I seem to seriously never get bored!