Tuesday, May 20, 2014

So, This Happened...

Logo Copyright Tinder
I joined Tinder.  Yep, that Tinder.  The 'is this a hookup site?' Tinder.  Tinder of the infamous Kesha song.  Oh that's Timber.  Anywaaaaaaaaaay, I heard Tinder is a lot more mainstream these days plus all the cool kids are doing it.  I also just recently saw on Ashley's blog that she Tinders and she's a nice, sweet girl, so I thought what the heck.  Therefore, on a random, possibly insane, whim this weekend I signed my little self up. 
I'm happy to report in the 2 days I've been Tindering along, I've not yet been harassed, nor been the recipient of any lewd messages or naked pics.  THANK GOD.  I have no idea how long this streak of good luck can continue.  Probably not long.
If you're not familiar with Tinder, I'll give you the quick lowdown.  It's pretty much the simplest online dating app there is.  You don't even have to fill out a profile!  You sign in with Facebook, but no other users actually have access to your FB profile.  The app just pulls a couple photos in from your profile and that's it.  You're almost ready to start swiping. 
Next, enter your zip code and what you're looking for (man/woman, age range) and the app starts feeding you pictures of potential mates.  If you're not pleased with the photo that pops up, swipe left and move along.  If the gentleman strikes your fancy, swipe right.  If both parties swipe right, it's a match!  Then, and only then can you message each other. 
I like this feature immensely because you have complete control over who messages you meaning you don't get a million messages from random creepy 55 year old men all day long (Oh, is that just me?!). 
So far, my experience on Tinder is worlds better than it has been on the other site I was on.  (If you must know it was POF and I would definitely NOT recommend it to anyone.  I am pretty sure all the inhabitants on the fringes of society are on that site and messaged me ad nauseam. You've been warned.)
Also you will not believe who I met on there.  Have you heard about the girl who became Internet-famous by drawing hilarious cartoons of guys who sent her obscene messages on Tinder?  If you haven't, check out a link to the story here.  I actually saw this story on social media a week or two ago and thought she was awesome.  Well, I matched with some guy who lives here and IS HER COUSIN!  That's what he told me anyway.  This is the internet, so I have no idea how to verify his story, but in any case, it made my day.  I now follow this girl on Instagram! HAHAHA
So yeah, I'm on Tinder now.  God help me.
For all of you out there who met your soul mate in high school or college, or some other natural life setting, I envy you with every fiber of my being.  I hope you thank your lucky stars every day that you do not have to navigate the insidious minefield that is online dating.
Happy Tuesday folks!



  1. Hey, I met my (quite fabulous) boyfriend on PoF, so there are exceptions. ;-) Happy Tindering!

    1. Awww, I have been wondering which site you met your wonderful man on! I am so happy reading your posts because YOU sound so happy! I have no idea why my experience on the site was so different. Perhaps Baltimore is just full of weirdos! Hahaha. Enjoy your blissful coupledom :)

  2. I hear crazy stories every other day from a coworker about online dating. She's on POF, among others, but that one be FAR has the best (i.e. not the actual best) stories. Good luck!

    1. Be glad you do not have to subject yourself to this torture! You can laugh at my expense :)