Thursday, May 22, 2014

Tried It! Vega Sport Protein

Through my ambassadorship with Sweat Pink and Fit Approach, I was given the opportunity to try out a new-to-me vegan protein - Vega Sport.  I love protein shakes and I'm always down to try a new vegan option! 
Although I was familiar with Vega prior to this, I had never tried anything from their Sport Performance line.  I drink protein shakes a lot, and it's always tough for me to find powders that are plant-based and vegan, as opposed to milk or whey based.  Vega fits the bill and I'm happy to report it was nice and easy on my tummy!
Vega sent me a 12 pack of their Vanilla flavored Sport Performance Protein to try and I've been using it over the past couple of weeks.  Usually I buy chocolate flavored proteins so I wasn't sure how I'd like vanilla - I was worried it'd be a little boring mixed with my almond milk - however it was surprisingly YUMMY!  It's sweetened with stevia which does give it a sweet flavor, but it's not overly so.  The flavor kind of tasted like cake batter to me!  Hahah, I dk how I even remember what that tastes like but that's what I likened it to. 
Most of the time, I just prepare my protein shakes with whatever powder I'm using, along with unsweetened almond milk, in a blender bottle.  Boom, 30 seconds to sweet satisfaction. 

I like this simple serving because it's super easy and quick to prepare after a workout or as a supplement to a meal.  I don't really want all kinds of other crap thrown in there like nut butters and what not.  That kind of sounds gross to me!
I also use protein powder in smoothies, to up the protein content of what is usually just mostly fruit and sometimes a little greens.  Thus, I also used the Vega to try to recreate a pineapple Julius just like those fancy stands at the mall.  So I threw some almond milk, a packet of Vega, a banana and some frozen pineapple into my Ninja.  It was yummy and refreshing!  Behold:

If I actually had some baking skills, I'd love to be one of those people that incorporate protein powder into their muffin and pancake recipes.  Someday.  Dare to dream Jilly.  Dare to dream!

So how does Vega stack up nutritionally?  Well, here's a screenshot of the nutrition facts from the label.  I'll just highlight a few things I like.

It's all plant based protein (from peas, saviseed, brown rice and alfalfa).  It's got 26 grams of protein per serving!  That's incredible; it's 5g more than my beloved PlantFusion.  It also has a digestive enzyme blend.  Like I said, this was very easy on my stomach, so perhaps that's why.  It also contains Glutamine which is a supplement thought to aid in muscle recovery.  I actually take a separate Glutamine supplement on my own.  Other stuff:  131 calories and 0.2g of fat per serving.
Verdict:  I really like the taste and nutritional profile of Vega Sport Protein.  I'd love to try the chocolate flavor so that I can really compare apples to apples with Plant Fusion.  But at this point, I think this is a protein I'd like to add into my rotation.

*Disclaimer:  I was given samples of Vega Sport Protein to review but was not compensated in any way for this post.  All opinions are of course my own!
Do you like protein shakes as much as I do?!

What's your favorite protein powder?
Have you tried Vega Sport?



  1. Awesome! I am also trying out this protein powder through SPA and I'm really excited to try this now!

    1. Hi Kristen! Let me know what you think of it. I usually drink chocolate protein shakes but this vanilla had a yummy flavor!

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