Monday, May 5, 2014

Silver Linings & My 100th Post!

I just wanted to say 'Thanks' for the encouraging comments on my last post.  I hope it didn't bring you down too much, but I think it's important to show all of me on here, even when it's not all puppies and rainbows, and writing about things also helps me to sort them out.  Things went much better this week and I've already all but forgotten most of what happened (although I'm hoping the lessons actually stick this time!), and I did have to endure the epic rainstorms this week with a broken jacket. HAHAHA

Now for the silver linings:

1.  I had great days at work.  This is pretty much a constant lately.  Working with kids is something I've loved doing since I was 13, and it's pretty amazing that I've been able to transition back into a career doing something that comes so naturally to me.  I take my job very seriously and sometimes I can't believe I get paid to do this.  If not for the fact that I have to feed, clothe and shelter myself, I often think I'd do this for free, and that is something I would have never said at my old job!  I still don't know where I'll end up in the future, but I know I will seek this sense of fulfillment, meaning and purpose in any future endeavor and never, ever again settle for just a 'job', or something that does not jive with my personal values and talents.

2.  I got two unexpected, lovely gifts at work this week!  It's a great feeling to know how much I am appreciated and how much my work matters in my new job.  That's something I never, ever felt working in finance. 
3.  I SAW A DOUBLE RAINBOW!  Does anyone remember this viral video from a few years ago? This dude is so unbelievably excited about seeing a double rainbow - 'What does this MEAN?!' Hahaha.  If you didn't see the video a few years ago, I posted it below.  (No need to watch the full 3 mins - just a few seconds will give you a taste of the entire thing!)  His emotions just might have you tripping as much as he is! 
Well after slogging through days of torrential rains here this week with a jacket that I couldn't zip up, I saw a huge double rainbow on Thursday!  It was beautiful.  Sorry I couldn't snap a pic, but I was driving, and hey, safety first - I mean I AM a nanny after all :)

4.  I finally introduced myself to a fellow Baltimore running blogger - PICKYRUNNER!  I had seen her at the running store and at a few running events around town but was always too shy to introduce myself (what?!).  I stopped in the running store this week because I desperately needed new shoes and she was my shoe fitter!  It was so nice to speak to her in person and tell her I had been reading her blog forever.  She is super nice too :)

5.  Along those same lines, I got NEW running shoes!  This had been a long time coming.  The last time I bought new running shoes was right before the Nike Women's Half in DC last April!  So yeah, I've put way more than the recommended 300 miles on mine, and have been running on shoes that were really run down for way too long.  The past month or so I was have shin and knee pain so I knew I had to make it happen.  As you know, I am pretty much in love with my Nike Vomeros.  I've worn them for years and before that I wore the Nike Pegasus.  However, with my history of chronic shin splints, I wanted to explore other options in the Neutral/Cushion shoe category.  (For reference, I have high arches and slightly supinate.)  Sarah (Pickyrunner) brought out a few different models for me to try including some Sauconys, Asics, and Brooks.  I ended up choosing the Brooks Glycerin 11 because the shoe felt the most comfortable.  I did run in each of them in-store on the treadmill.

I took them out for the first test run on Saturday and it's hard for me to give a verdict just yet.  They are VERY different from my Nike's!  I know they are Brooks' most cushioned model, but they definitely felt a bit less cushioned than my Nike's and not quite as springy, bouncy and cloud-like. The shoe and soles are also a bit stiffer and not as flexible compared to my Nikes.  They have a firmer, more supportive feel.  I am not quite sure yet how I feel about this, but my end goal is to see if a shoe will make a difference in the constant battle with my shins.  I'd ideally like to be able to run again with 'naked' legs, meaning not having to wear compression socks on every run (especially with the hot summer months coming up!).  I am hoping I can find the perfect shoe that will help me do this.  The great thing about Charm City Run is that they will let you run in the shoes for 2 weeks and return them for any reason if you're not happy!  So, I want to get a few more test runs in these shoes before making a final decision.  Any other Brooks Glycerin runners out there?!


6.  And finally, THIS IS MY 100TH POST!!! How in the world did that happen?  Happy Blog Milestone to me!  Thanks to everyone who reads and supports my little corner of the Internet :)
Just as I predicted there was not only one, but TWO rainbows after the storms I endured last week!  Doesn't life just surprise the heck out of you sometimes??
How was your week?  Did everyone stay safe in the storms?
What is your running shoe of choice?


  1. Dude, you had lots of great stuff. And I've come to find that, like rainy days, we all need those times when we aren't loving life--I usually swing the other way after. I adore Brooks' shoes--I've run in them as long as I've been running distance--actually, as long as I've been with my husband! haha--5.5 years? I was in their old mid-support shoe (the Switch) then the Adrenaline for a turn, and then the Defyances for the past 2 years. I am right now sporting the Ravennas, but I ran my marathon in the defyances. I love the fit, the quality and the price (for my models). I'm def a Brooks girl, through and through! And I love that you met the Pickster! You can blame her for my blogging :D
    Have a fantastic week--everytime you feel a little meh, remember all the number 1's in your life: Glycerin 11's, 100 posts, and your family.
    Also, double rainbows are maybe one of my favorite things. Speaking of the world reminding you of why you do what you do.

    1. Hi Susie! Thanks so much for stopping by and for all the encouraging words! I still don't know about the Brooks, I LOVE the fit - they honestly fit like gloves on my feet! But the balls of my feet have been burning bc I don't think there's quite enough forefoot cushioning. I'm going to give them one or 2 more runs and then make the call. Yes, so glad I finally introduced myself to Sarah! It's so weird to think about talking to bloggers IRL but then you realize they are just people too! Ha

  2. I've read all 100!!! Looking forward to many more, and of course a book deal one day ;) i'm glad you had a better week, better days are ahead!!!!

    1. Lesle - my biggest fan in blogworld and real life. I dk what I'd do without you. You are the wind beneath my wings!!!!!

  3. I nominated you for a Liebster Award! Check out my blog here: I can't wait to read your answers!

    1. Aww thank you so much for the award! You are too sweet. I will go check out your post :)

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